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Wanda came to us January 2008. She had been abandoned along with several other horses at a property that had "supposedly" been an attempt at a Therapeutic Riding stable. The people moved and left these horses. New property owners knew nothing of horses and eventually the situation was made known to several in our community. Horse people came together and brought the horses into their homes. These were all older horses. One with Cushings, one that was lame, one that was blind in one eye and then there was Wanda.

Wanda is a huge black & white Tennessee Walker. She came to us after beginning rehab at a concerned horseperson's property. These wonderful folks could no longer keep her and she was brought to TIER.

Wanda is quite comical with a "Who Me?" look about her. It was hoped that once she had been fully rehabbed, we would be able to place her in a forever home. Due to her strong willed nature and being a little fiery, it hasn't been easy to find her a home as the majority of potential adopters we get are looking for that 'broke to death, go on down the road, bombproof' horse. (I wouldn't mind having one of those for myself!!) Wanda just didn't fall into that category and needed an owner with experience.


We purchased some Liver/Immune builder from Blue Ridge Distribution for Wanda. Initially she ate it along with her low protein feed. She seemed to perk up for a bit appetite wise and began eating more hay & pelleted feed. Eventually, she again became disinterested in eating much of anything. We tried various pelleted feeds and different types of hay. She would eat Orchard hay in small amounts. She would nibble on grass throughout the day, but it wasn't enough to sustain her. She was continuing to lose weight and was thin.

Wanda's personality never did waiver. She was always curious, glad to see you, would follow me around as I fed the other horses. She was quite affectionate and very much a "pocket pony". She just loved being around people.

Mentally, Wanda was bright and interested. Sadly, her body was failing her and the only thing we could do for her was to let her go. Helping Wanda cross the Rainbow Bridge was very difficult because she did not appear to be in pain or discomfort. I never saw this lovely mare lie down or exhibit any behavior that indicated she was not feeling well. Our vet said that she was not in pain but that her body could not recover from the liver problems. When I asked if there was ANYTHING that could be done, he said that a liver transplant was the only thing that might make a difference. Of course, that was out of the question.

On Thursday, April 2, 2009 Wanda crossed the Rainbow Bridge. When the vet arrived she was grazing around the hay area. I haltered her and led her to the arena while several of the TIER residents neighed. I think they knew. Wanda's buddy, Baxter, was especially nervous and pacing his stall.

Wanda was calm and crossed the Rainbow Bridge with Grace, Dignity and respect. This was so very hard to do! Once the vet had left, I let Baxter out into the arena so that he might better understand that Wanda was gone. He spent some time smelling her, talking to her and then he just stood beside her until I put him back in his pen.

After Wanda's body had been removed I went back out to the arena. As I was walking in the gate the TIER resident's began sounding off. Loud, long neighs of farewell. The final salute to a mare that had come upon rough times and then came to TIER for her last year of walking on this earth. The first time I heard the Final Salute many years ago it amazed me that the horses knew that one of them had galloped across the Rainbow Bridge to their final pasture. They do it every time a horse crosses the Bridge and it still moves me to tears and I get that inside ache of loss. Horses are such remarkable animals!

I have emailed two ladies that have supplied our rescue with herbs previously for their advice.

Patti at Meadow Sweet Herbs for Horses
Caron at Wintreats - Blue Ridge Distribution, Inc.

If Wanda's condition continues to deteriorate and finances dictate euthanasia is the best course, at least she will know we cared. In this awful economy our funds have become quite limited and the majority of donations are used for feed (California hay prices), farrier. Emergency fund was recently diminished more than expected and we are having to tighten our everyone else.

The above links might be helpful to another horse at some time. Both ladies have been wonderful in helping us to help the TIER residents.

We have one horse that has horrible allergies. Has for quite some time. Although he has been a candidate for adoption, his allergy problem has made it hard to find a home with someone willing to spend the time and money on treatment. Especially as he is older. Caron at Blue Ridge Distribution provides us with a product called Immune Builder that is the only product that has consistently helped with the allergy problem. Although there are times that Buck does get a Kenalog injection, but only 2 or 3 times at most instead of every 30 days during fly season. This is due to the Immune Builder. It has also been a wonderful product for helping starved/neglected horses that came to us.

OOPS.....I started rambling. Sorry. Anyway, I have contacted these two ladies and will wait to hear from them.


Previously, her water intake was up and she had been urinating quite a bit and I suspected IR or Cushings. Then, the frequent urination & excessive water intake tapered off. She then seemed back to normal. I then noticed she wasn't finishing all her feed. She had absolutely no interest in pellets and was not eating all her hay. In turnout, she flags her tail and flies all over. She then began an obsession with salt. We have a tub of Redmond Salt in the arena and the horses will eat a bit and go on about their business. Wanda was different. She would eat salt for quite awhile and I would have to pull the tub out when she was turned out.

This behavior just wasn't right. Sometimes she would finish her hay and other times she would leave quite a bit. I had her teeth done, and the Vet did a CBC. Results were not good. Liver problems.

Vet recommended low protein diet and grass hay. We normally feed an Orchard/Alfalfa blend, but Wanda would only nibble at this. I have tried Bermuda hay and then went on to Timothy hay. She would eat a flake or two and then decide she didn't care for it. We purchased low protein feed and she does eat some of this. Sometimes she eats it all and other times she does not. Water consumption is down despite adding salt to her feed. When I fed her this morning all her hay was gone and most of the pellets from the day before. seems that she has lost a lot of weight over night!! I've read up on liver failure and it seems there is a slim chance of a good outcome. With our recent vet bills for Jake, donations being low, the emergency fund being depleted, etc. we are in a position where euthanasia & removal will "break the bank". We have never had a horse with liver problems before and I'm not sure we are doing her any favors by continuing to hope for a turnaround.



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