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Sugar Bear
3-2-10 Late in the evening, we received information about a QH mare, approximately 14 years old that was injured and lying down.


10/12/2016 - Sugar Bear & Katrina-Duchess Sanctuary breakfas

Sugar Bear & Katrina enjoy breakfast together at the awesome Duchess Sanctuary where they will live out the rest of their lives in luxury!

1/10/2015 - Facebook Posting from The Duchess Sanctuary!

From the: Duchess Sanctuary

Sugar Bear obviously didn't read our new year's resolution post about not immediately peeing in the fresh shavings. Every day she comes into her clean stall after five minutes max, and pees, without fail! Job security, we keep telling ourselves....

3/5/2014 - Update from Duchess

 Sent: Tuesday, March 04,
To: Duchess Sanctuary

Subject: Katrina & Sugar Bear

Hi Jen,  Hope all is well with you/Duchess?  Weather has been a bit intense hasn't it?

Any updates on Sugar Bear & Katrina?  I check the facebook page for Duchess regularly, but haven't seen any pictures of the girls.  Of course, with so many saved souls I know it is difficult to feature each one!

Subject: RE: Katrina & Sugar Bear
Date: Mar 5,
The horses are fine Gail, thanks.


10/30/2013 - Photo Update!

Picture at Duchess Sanctuary taken 10/13/2013.  Sugar Bear sure looks like she's put on some weight for winter!

7/20/2013 - Look At Me Now!

Update from Duchess Sanctuary Ranch Manager Jennifer Kunz:

Just to let you know I had the vet out to do dental work on both SugarBear and Katrina. Here are both girls after they had baths on Friday, thanks to our great volunteers.  I've moved them out of the quarantine pen down into a paddock in the yard which they seem to be enjoying. The farrier will be here tomorrow to trim their feet.

5/22/2013 - A Lifetime Home!

It is TIER's hope for every horse that we help that they are safe for the remainder of their lives.  That hope/dream came true for Sugar Bear & Katrina this year thanks to Celine Myers, Ark Watch Foundation, the Duchess Sanctuary, help from the ASPCA via a grant to help with costs of transport and our generous supporters.

On 5/22/2013 Sugar Bear left TIER to live out her life at the awesome Duchess Sanctuary. 

The Duchess Sanctuary, originally started by Celine Myers, now owned and operated by The Fund for Animals in partnership with The HSUS is an 1120 acre sanctuary outside of Oakland, Oregon, established in 2008 as an oasis for horses in need. 

Sugar Bear will live the rest of her life with Katrina and other horses in grass filled pastures under the watchful eye of Ranch Manager Jennifer Kunz. 

Celine Myers worked diligently for months with TIER to help these girls get to their lifetime home.

6/3/2011 - Warning! Graphic Images

Sugar Bear's wound is slowly healing.  Since the wound is in an area where there is motion (walking, etc.) it is highly likely that proud flesh will form.  We continued using the Biozide ointment  for awhile.  I spoke to Dr. Jeff Moss of Creekside Veterinary as he had used a new topical solution on Amira's injury with much success for wounds likely to develop proud flesh.

We received the Accelerator Topical Solution and began to apply it each time we changed the bandage.  Thickened proud flesh had begun to form on the outside edge of the wound.  After 2 applications of the Accelerator, that area was smooth and healing. (areas where proud flesh was forming are marked in the pictures below).  The pictures were taken after the bandage was removed and before it was cleaned and more Accelerator applied. 

Granulation tissue is forming on the wound, but it is our hope that the Accelerator will keep that to a minimum so as not to cause difficulty with movement, etc.

5/7/2011 - Sugar Bear Injured

Sugar Bear was injured this morning when one of the other mares decided to run her into the metal water trough!  She sustained a cut on the front of her right leg from above the ankle down almost to the coronet band!  Although not deep, it is a large slice and the skin was flayed back on the inside.  The wound was cleaned and bandaged while we awaited the Vet's arrival.

The vet examined her wound and indicated stitches would be quite difficult as they would most likely pull out or tear the skin.  He gave The Bear a tetanus shot, covered the wound with Biozide ointment, wrapped with gauze and then with cotton sheeting.  He then wrapped that with Elastikon. 

She was given Bute for pain and swelling and we will be changing the bandage regularly.  She may end up with a scar and there is a possibility of proudflesh forming.  We'll keep an eye on it and do as the vet instructs.

7/13/2010 - Update

It has been a bit of a challenge to find the right group of ladies for Sugar Bear to be turned out with. We didn't want her to be bullied, nor did we want her to be the bully in the group.

Originally, she would run other horses off from each pile of hay in turnout. On one occassion, she backed up to another horse and threatened to kick. We moved in quickly to defuse the situation as we didn't want her to harm herself as her injuries are still healing.

It is important to group her with mares that she does not feel threatened by or does not feel the need to enforce her dominance. After much time of muscial stalls (putting different horses next to her, letting her out with one or two after they had been housed next to each other for a few days) it seems that we have found a formula that works.

So, we have the QH, Mustang & Arabian Ladies getting along quite well and not having to worry about Sugar Bear straining herself or reinjuring herself.

I cringe everytime she breaks into a trot or when I witness a joyful buck! Her rear ankles still remain puffy, but Dr. Don Moore the Equine Chiropractor visited her the other day and said she was much, much better. He did adjust her right rear ankle as that was the one most puffy, but indicated she is improving.


VolunTIERS Suzy, her son Alex and Nephew Noah came out for a marathon poop scooping session today! Thank you for your hard work!

Suzy always brings carrots for the TIER residents but Sugar Bear requested a little more. She wanted her picture taken with these tireless VolunTIERs! And of course, the Bear wanted everyone to see that she is filling out from front to back!

6/1/2010 - Vet Visit

Doing GOOD!  Continue what we are doing for a couple more months.  After that she should be as good as she will get.  Considering the extent of her injuries, he was pleased with her progress.  She won't be able to be ridden for extended periods ever again.  But, if she is quiet enough she may be able to pack a calm kid around the ring with short periods of light trotting, but mostly walking. Truthfully, he said she would be better suited as a companion because there are no guarantees that someone won't ask more of her as a riding horse. I am so pleased to hear of her progress.  Although I see progress, it's always good to have the vet check her out because he has an unbiased eye!


Sugar Bear continues to improve! Since her arrival on 3-3-10 (Almost 1 months ago), she has definitely improved. From that suffering little mare who could only find some relief from her pain by lying down 80 of the time, she has progressed to only lying down at night! Woo Hoo!

VolunTIER, Catherine came out today to groom some of the TIER residents and Sugar Bear got a thorough grooming session. She is losing her winter coat and some of that unhealthy/dull hair. She is still somewhat &ldquosucked up and is too thin for my liking, but according to the vet she is doing fine. The vet insisted that we not put too much weight on her as the healing process will take several months and the added weight would just add strain to the compromised ligaments. Of course, we will follow his advise.

Sugar Bear's bedsores from lying down so much previously are healing nicely. I do keep one bell boot on her left ankle to help keep abrasion from lying down to a minimum. It has helped quite a bit. The sores are on her left hip, shoulder & hocks and are decreasing in size. We have been using Vetricyn & Red Coat for the sores. Her left ankle continues to be puffy, but the vet said to expect that as it was her left side that sustained the most damage. Sometimes, both ankles will be puffy.

She finishes all her hay and the soaked pellets that we supplement with Pawier Vitamins, a Joint Supplement & MSM. She is turned out every day to mow weeds, etc. and when I let her out today she broke into a little trot! We have moved her from her 12 x 24 pen to a 24 x 24 pen since she is getting so much better. We continue to provide her with shavings & drystall for her comfort and to decrease the rubbing/abrasion process when she lies down/gets up.

Sugar Bear is due for another visit from the farrier and she needs another adjustment from the Chiropractor. We have continued to keep in contact with our vet over the phone, but it is time for him to come out for a follow-up site visit. We are in need of approximately 170.00 to cover these costs. Donations toward Sugar Bear&rsquos continued welfare would be greatly appreciated!


The Farrier was out today and we were able to have 9 horses trimmed.  Hopefully, within the next couple of weeks we will have enough funds that we can have teeth floated.  Moses, Sammy, & Tsan Tsant really need to have their teeth attended to.

Sugar Bear had her front shoes pulled and her hind feet were trimmed.  I let her out to work out the stiffness & because she was getting antsy/hollering about Annabelle (donkey and new found friend) being out without her.  Annabelle went to visit Paco (the OTHER donkey) and Sugar Bear started herding her away.  This really made Annabelle upset.  Nobody TELLS Annabelle what to need to ASK her to do things!  Sigh, I had to put the Bear back in her cage so she wouldn't hurt herself trying to move the crotchety old donkey around.


Our Vet was out to recheck Sugar Bear today.  He said she is healing and doing well.  He said it will take a couple of months for her to heal and to expect that she will be lying down during this time.

The sores from lying down are pretty much healing except for the ones on her hip and shoulder.  I put RedKote & Derma Gel on them every day. Most of them are drying up, but the ones on her shoulder & hip continue to be rubbed/irritated because she is lying down on them. We need to get another pair of bell boots to protect her ankles.  We put them on upside down.  The ones we have are displaying signs of mileage. 

Farrier will be out tomorrow.  Vet suggested pulling the shoes as they aren't really giving her any special support and to trim the hinds up.  


Spoke to the vet this morning regarding the x-rays.  NO FRACTURES!  Whew! 

She is on 2 bute tablets 2 x day for 7 days and then 1 bute tablet 2 x day.  I am giving her joint supplements, vitamins & Prebiotic.  She is in a 12' x 24' stall to restrict movement for at least 60 days per the vet.  Vet feels it will be a long recovery and at that, she will be pasture sound.  She is probably in her 20's.


I talked to my vet about the DLSD/ESPA and doing ultrasounds. He stated that if he were to do the ultrasounds all it would do would tell him that it was there (which he believes to be true) and that there is no cure. At her age, he would not recommed surgery, casting, etc.

He was mostly concerned with the recent injuries which occurred because she was run in sand and up hill when she was not in condition/shape. Not that ANY horse should be run in sand, etc. whether they are in shape or not!

The x-rays were done late yesterday afternoon and the results should be in by Monday. Vet will be quite busy Sunday at the track vetting horses from early to late and won't have time to read them. I spoke to him at 6:15 pm Saturday when he was still on the road and hadn't had time to read the x-rays.

Our FIRST concern is the recent injuries and treatment. Quality of Life is the uppermost thought in our minds for this 20 yr. old (more or less) mare. We will follow the recommendations given to us by our veterinarian.

Today she was up for an hour at least.  To me, this indicates that the pain medication is doing it's job.  For the past 2 days she has eaten all of her hay and pellets.  The first few days she was hurting so bad that she didn't finish her hay.  I moved her into a smaller stall with shavings and cover due to the rains. 

She's a good girl.  Doesn't want to be bothered and tends to avoid you when you move around the stall unless you have cookies!  I can understand not wanting to be bothered since she is sore.  But, when you bring a halter with you, she stops and allows you to put it on with no fuss and will go wherever you ask.  Such a strong hearted girl with good manners.


The initial evaluation by the vet: 3/4/10
Vet's Invoice Reads: Lame behind stay apparatus breaking down < angulation at stifle & hock - hocks full Left stifle full (synvonitus?) ankles (hind) enlarged suspensories inflamed and enlarged.

When the vet was first out for the evaluation, our first and foremost concern was quality of life. The vet recommended we give it some time, administer pain meds and monitor for the first few days. He was back out Saturday to do x-rays. Although she is getting up more for longer periods of time, we will see what the x-rays reveal.


Original listing on Craigslist:

Free Approx 14 year old , Mare.. my ex-boyfriend left this horse with me and I don't know alot about them.. she is lame and underwieght. I have been feeding her 2 flakes of hay in morning, afternoon and night to try to help her weight issue, cause I feel bad for her, I took her to my sisters house to put her in a stall to be out of the rain. My sister told me to try and have her rescued or put down, I don't want her put down.. please help this mare..

After phone calls by TIER, we got the following information:

Mare had been with a horse trader (ex-boyfriend)...mare was ridden in the sand at the riverbottom and the horse was sound...but came back shaking and has been lying down a lot since.  Off on the front and back leg swollen so sounds like she pulled or injured something in the sand she said.  She is very thin. This woman who has had her for 4 days now (sister to the gal who rode her in the sand in the riverbottom) said the mare will get up to eat, but thats it! Of  course a vet has not been called since this occurred 4 days ago.

We are making arrangements for the mare to initially go to TIER.  The vet has been contacted and once he has evaluated her, we will know more about what we are dealing with.  If a chiropractor is needed, Dr. Don Moore will be contacted.  Once we have more information about her condition and she has stabilized (depending on vet recommendation) she will then go to Falconridge Equine Rescue.

We need your help!  We are in need of funds to pay the vet, purchase medications, chiropractor (if needed), feed, etc.  This mare has been suffering for days and days!  We were told that she was being given 1 scoop of bute per day.  That is equivalent to 1 bute tablet.....not near enough for an injury that causes a horse to lie down frequently.  Horses do not lie down that much or that often unless they are in great pain!

You can see she is sucked up and stiff in the hind end. 

Sores on front legs
Right hind leg swollen from ankle to stifle.
Another view of right hind leg

Right side-prominent backbone



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