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Howdy everyone! Thought you might like to hear the latest on some of the rescue horses!
Click on a name on the bar on the left to read that horse's story. The names in White are horses that have homes. The names in Salmon are horses who are residents of TIER and can be sponsored, or are residing at TIER until a suitable adoptive home can be found. TIER's adoptable horses can be sponsored until they find their forever home. Sponsoring or adopting a TIER horse will allow us to rescue another horse.

Newest Updates!

DEACON: Cellulitis Flare Up
11/1/2018 - Deacon's cellulitis has flared up again.  Swelling is almost up to hock.  He threw a shoe (right front) and farrier couldn't get out for a couple of days, so he was off on the front for a bit.  Farrier reshod him yesterday and he had an abcess in the front right.  ...
Joey: The Corn
10/9/2018 -   Dark area is where the corn is working it's way down to the sole and hopefully OUT!  November 8, 2018 will be two months since diagnosis/x-rays.  As soon as funds allow, we will take Joey in for another set of x-rays to see where the corn is, coffin bone involvement, etc.
Joey: X-ray results-Update
9/8/2018 - EARLY Saturday morning, we were able to get Joey to the vet in Chino to have his lameness evaluated.  Thanks to Dana for rearranging her schedule and getting up way early on her day off to transport Joey in her trailer.

We had originally thought there might be an issue with the check ligament, but Dr. Hoyme said ...
9/7/2018 - I don't share a lot of personal opinions via the internet.  Believe me when I say that is a good thing.  Just ask anyone who has met me in person or had a phone conversation with me. But...I have a very strong opinon on the blueberry look I am sporting on my hands due to Blue Kote.  Absolutely do not like that ...
Joey: Off to the Vet for X-rays, etc.
9/7/2018 -
JOEY:  We took Joey to the arena the other day to begin slowly improving his overall condition and muscle tone.  It was immediately obvious that he was off/sore on his right front foot/leg. 

Our Farrier was out this Tuesday and we had him check Joey's feet, etc.  Feet okay, but there's ...
GLORY: She is Gone
9/2/2018 - The first part of this year Glory was at the top of her game.  She was in good weight and had bonded with her corral mate Mariah.  They enjoyed strolls around the property together.  July/August we noticed she was dropping some weight.  Although we increased her pelleted feed/senior, we thought it might be ...
LILY: Update on Summer Sores-Treatment
8/29/2018 - The Dex has stopped the itching (THANK GOODNESS!). Lily is no longer rubbing the huge habronema on her shoulder and making it into a bloody pulp.  There was blood on the feeder, pipe corral....urgh.  The angry inflammation has decreased as has most of the surrounding swelling.  There is still considerable ...
LILY: Vet Visit-Holy Guacamole!
8/25/2018 - Lily is sensitive, a bit defensive and wary, but tried hard to be brave.  Takes some time to warm up to you.  She is not overly flighty and she has a good mind. 

TODAY: Dr. Gibbs said that the vet who performed a power float on her prior to her arrival at TIER did a great job on her ...
LILY: Lily will arrive tonight!
8/24/2018 - Lily will arrive at TIER tonight!

8/24/2018 Lily is an approximately 18 yr. old Andalusian mare.   I have received medical records from the vet who examined & treated Lily and also spoke to him.  An ultrasound was done and she is not in foal.  As stated above, her teeth were in really bad shape and ...
Joey: Training Evaluation-He's A Star!
8/20/2018 - JOEY:  8/20/2018 ASSESSMENT
The following is an assessment of Joey at TIER, True Innocents Equine Rescue. 8/20/18
·    CATCHING-Joey was very easy to catch and did not seem bothered at all by putting on his halter.
·    Very eager ...
Katrina: Katrina in the shade at Duchess Sanctuary
7/24/2018 - From The Duchess Sanctuary:  Katrina enjoys some dinner in the shade. Phew it was SO HOT
DEACON: Trim 'em up!
7/20/2018 - Our farrier was out and will be back on Sunday to trim hooves and replace shoes for the horses that wear them. Deacon had thrown a shoe, so he got himself a new set on his front hooves for support. He spent yesterday afternoon and last night wandering around the horse area, visiting with the residents and rolling in the sand ...
Joey: Chiropractor AND Farrier visit
7/20/2018 - Our farrier was out and will be back on Sunday to trim hooves and replace shoes for the horses that wear them.
His front shoes were replaced with new ones and we had shoes put on his back feet also for support. 2nd picture above is his left front foot.  The picture is of what is left of his FULL SOLE abcess that ...
RUBY TOO: Shoes Be Gone!
7/20/2018 - Ruby Too is now barefoot! We had shoes on her fronts and have been wrapping her left front ankle with a no bow bandage since November last year. We then switched to Professional Choice SMB boots on both fronts. Her ankle has straightened/come up as much as it is going to, but the good news is that it has pretty much fused.
Toni The Tiger:
7/7/2018 - It is HOT out there! 106 degrees at 10:00 AM!
Toni beaned himself on his noggin 3 days ago. The the vet was out yesterday morning to sedate/clean (115.00). I did my best for 2 days to clean it up, but he just wasn't having any of it and I couldn't get it as clean as it needed to be. So...better living through chemisty! His ...
Prince William: Settled in
6/29/2018 - Prince William has been with TNT in a Heartbeat for a month now.  He has really settled in and is doing quite well as a therapy pony.  His pasturemate, Miss Sis (the lovely horse behind him in the picture below) is also a therapy horse. Our vision is to create and nurture mutually rewarding relationships between ...
EL JAHKLAN: Redheaded Stranger on the loose!
6/10/2018 - (Deacon & Jake) Jake (El Jahklan), our dear friend Carol Darnell's lovely chestnut Arabian, spiced things up when he went on a meet and greet at TIER. He was very social with all the TIER residents and they all seemed to like him. Unfortunately, I did not get pictures of him when he broke into a lovely trot with his tail ...
UPDATES-General: AT LAST! Shelter is back up!
6/8/2018 - After a dust devil whipped through the property and took down one of the corral shleters, it took us a month to be able to afford to have it repaired and reinstalled. Fortunately, costs were reduced due to our wonderful neighbor Lewis bringing his tractor over to lift the shelter into place after a new pole had been cemented ...
Melvin Black Jack: Black Horse Stroll
6/5/2018 - Great day for a stroll, a roll, mutual grooming with Kane, etc.!
Melvin (Melvin Black Jack) took Toni for a short guided tour of the grounds and then promptly went about Melvin business and left Toni to meet and greet on his own.
Zeke: White Horse Stroll
6/5/2018 - Zeke had a great time cruising the property! At one point he was running so fast that my camera and I could not keep up and those pictures came out blurry. There was no hitch in his gait either which is amazing considering the damage he sustained in the past. His hind leg was a mess and there was damage to his deep digital ...

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