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Howdy everyone! Thought you might like to hear the latest on some of the rescue horses!
Click on a name on the bar on the left to read that horse's story. The names in White are horses that have homes. The names in Salmon are horses who are residents of TIER and can be sponsored, or are residing at TIER until a suitable adoptive home can be found. TIER's adoptable horses can be sponsored until they find their forever home. Sponsoring or adopting a TIER horse will allow us to rescue another horse.

Newest Updates!

Charlie: HE'S HERE!
11/16/2017 - The Golden Guy has arrived!  When we opened the doors on the trailer and got our first glimpse of Charlie, my heart was a little sad for him.  He was shaking and wide eyed.  Poor little guy was in a strange place, not knowing what was coming next. He JUMPED off the trailer, immediately started neighing to ...
DEACON: 2nd Aftercare Appointment Scheduled
11/14/2017 - (These pictures are how Deacon looks every morning while he is waiting for his breakfast of soaked pellets & senior feed.  No, his tongue doesn't always hang out, but he sure does nicker alot for his buckets of feed.  We don't seem to serve his meals as quickly as he would like, even though he is always the first ...
11/14/2017 - Bo-Dee-Oh-Doh had shoes on all 4 way overgrown hooves. Heels were bruised from standing on stacked up feet. Pulled the shoes and he stepped out fine. Figure he is mid-teens? But...his tongue is cut almost all the way through. Not new, but not real old injury either. The tongue grew back together unevenly. I was wondering why ...
RUBY TOO: A Little Relief
11/7/2017 - LOVE our farrier!!  I called him to tell him we had a new arrival that really needed his help due to very overgrown hooves plus past injuries that compromised her feet & her overall comfort. He is scheduled to come out later this week, but when he heard about Ruby II's discomfort, he came over in about ...
DEACON: 1st Aftercare appointment after surgery
11/7/2017 - WARNING:  Graphic Image at Bottom of Post Deacon had his First Aftercare appointment yesterday (11/6/2017).  Some infection in one of the giant holes in his mouth, but vet said it was not unusual.  He cleaned everything up, trimmed some tissue, removed some bone fragments, etc. all of which is ...
Trick Lizard (BOB): And they call him...BOB!
11/4/2017 - Foster Failure!  Trick Lizard not only has a new barn name, he has a new home!  And a new station in life......he is now a gelding.  His Foster Friend likes him so much that they named him BOB (Hungry Bob) and they have adopted him!
Pictures to come when we can get them.  Bob's new owner isn't internet or ...
DEACON: 4 days Post Op
11/2/2017 - As you can see, he is following the rules for gray horses and had rolled somewhere that it was wet so that he made sure he was ready for the photos. HA!

11/1/2017, Tuesday his mouth/lips were pretty swollen.  That has gone down quite a bit.  Still a bit of swelling between his left nostril/left lip.
DEACON: Hoping for the best after Surgery
10/30/2017 -
Please send positive thoughts/prayers for Deacon's speedy and uneventful recovery from his surgery today. 18 teeth removed. This dear horse had been experiencing pain from those teeth for YEARS! Thank you Stephanie M. for transporting this boy to his surgical appointment and spending the day waiting with an anxious Gail ...
Trick Lizard (BOB): Dated Pictures
10/21/2017 - Trick Lizard is currently being fostered and will be adopted to his Foster person once he is gelded.  Our Foster Friend is not able to send us updated pictures of this boy yet.  Not an internet/email savvy individual.  We are working on that.
Pictures below are of Trick Lizard a from few years ago. ...
Missy: Happy Anniversary!
10/20/2017 - Happy Anniversary Missy! You’ve lived with us for three years and I’ve enjoyed every second! Love you bunches sweet girl! 
LEVI: Newest Gelding with a NEW Barn Name: LEVI
10/19/2017 - Huge thanks to Ingrid L. for transporting Gray Facts, now known as Levi, all the way to our vet yesterday and bringing him back to his Foster location this morning. Due to the heat, traffic and being gelded, we thought it was best for Levi to stay overnight and be transported back this morning when it was cooler. THANK YOU ...
DEACON: Let him Shine!
10/19/2017 -
LOVE this horse!  Thanks to Stephanie M. for giving Deacon a spa day.  He got a full on bath with lots of Love and attention!
Deacon is getting 4-5 large flakes of alfalfa, 1 good sized flake of Teff Hay, Three 3 lb. coffee cans of Purina Equine Senior and Three 3 lb. coffee cans of Mountain Sunrise Alfalfa pellets ...
10/16/2017 - We have identified this via the Jockey Club and his registered name is Gray Facts.  His Great Grandsire on his sire's (Faculty) side was Sham who came in 2nd behind Secretariat in the 99th running of the Kentucky Derby, May 5, 1973.
His grandsire on his Dam's (Sweet Character) side was Bold Bidder.  ...
Connie: Sweet Connie Has Left TIER
10/13/2017 - I took the above picture of Connie yesterday.  She was eating/drinking and seemed ok.
Connie has left TIER.  I noticed she was "off" this morning when I went to feed.  She was not interested in food or water and then she laid down.  No thrashing or pawing.  I administered 10 cc Banamine and ...
Lovely: Too Soon...she has gone
9/21/2017 - Sadly, Forever Lovely has left us way too soon.  I realize that she was an aged mare that had suffered neglect for way too long.  But I really hoped she would be with us for at least a few years. 9/21/2017 I found Lovely laying in her corral and realized she had passed.  Mariah was at the feeder eating hay and ...
Lincoln: Whew! No Plastic Surgery or Laser Treatment for me
9/18/2017 - It has been almost a month since I had surgery on my face to remove the skin flap/rhinoceros horn from my charming face. 
After surgery they gave me a Super Hero mask/bandage that was quite flattering and got me lots of attention.  I like attention!  
They also gave me some great PURPLE ...
DEACON: Cellulitis Follow-up & Farrier
9/3/2017 -
(Deacon cruising around prior to Vet/Farrier)
Had our regular vet out to do follow-up on Deacon's Cellulitis.  Swelling has decreased.  His leg has definition and looks like a leg instead of a tree stump.  The ankle still remains "puffy" and I've been concerned about it.  He has NOT taken a ...
Lincoln: I'm a Super Hero!
8/22/2017 - First off, let me say that I am accident prone.  Seems I manage to to get cuts, scrapes, dings and dents just because I am jaunty, lighthearted and a klutz.  I put a dent, scrape on my face a couple months ago that made a flap of skin on my beautiful face.  It was cleaned & medicated regularly and I regularly ...
Lacey-Belle's Baby: Continuing Education
8/20/2017 - Lacey is getting some saddleblanket education at her adoptive home with Kelly. She doesn't seem overly impressed with the situation does she?  I kinda doubt that she will ever grow into that blanket.  I love that Kelly and Dana spend so much time working with her on new
DEACON: Swelling is Going Down
8/20/2017 - Whew!  The swelling from Deacon's cellulitis appears to be decreasing.  His appetite is good (Alfalfa Hay, Purina Equine Senior, Soaked Alfalfa Pellets).  He was turned out to get some excercise on his own and he seems to think that the Hay in the back of the cart is better than the hay in his feeder!
He gets ...

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