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Howdy everyone! Thought you might like to hear the latest on some of the rescue horses!
Click on a name on the bar on the left to read that horse's story. The names in White are horses that have homes. The names in Salmon are horses who are residents of TIER and can be sponsored, or are residing at TIER until a suitable adoptive home can be found. TIER's adoptable horses can be sponsored until they find their forever home. Sponsoring or adopting a TIER horse will allow us to rescue another horse.

Newest Updates!

EL JAHKLAN: Redheaded Stranger on the loose!
6/10/2018 - (Deacon & Jake) Jake (El Jahklan), our dear friend Carol Darnell's lovely chestnut Arabian, spiced things up when he went on a meet and greet at TIER. He was very social with all the TIER residents and they all seemed to like him. Unfortunately, I did not get pictures of him when he broke into a lovely trot with his tail ...
UPDATES-General: AT LAST! Shelter is back up!
6/8/2018 - After a dust devil whipped through the property and took down one of the corral shleters, it took us a month to be able to afford to have it repaired and reinstalled. Fortunately, costs were reduced due to our wonderful neighbor Lewis bringing his tractor over to lift the shelter into place after a new pole had been cemented ...
Zeke: White Horse Stroll
6/5/2018 - Zeke had a great time cruising the property! At one point he was running so fast that my camera and I could not keep up and those pictures came out blurry. There was no hitch in his gait either which is amazing considering the damage he sustained in the past. His hind leg was a mess and there was damage to his deep digital ...
Melvin Black Jack: Black Horse Stroll
6/5/2018 - Great day for a stroll, a roll, mutual grooming with Kane, etc.!
Melvin (Melvin Black Jack) took Toni for a short guided tour of the grounds and then promptly went about Melvin business and left Toni to meet and greet on his own.
Toni The Tiger: Strolling & Rolling
6/5/2018 -
Great day for a stroll! Toni (our beloved Carol Darnell's boy: Tonithetiger) took a stroll, a roll and had discussions with several TIER residents. Every resident was pleased to meet him! Looks like Deacon is giving instructions on the proper way to
UPDATES-General: Hoof Fairy
Archie the Donk: Don't leave me by myself!
6/2/2018 - From Kim (Archie's Foster Mom):  I heard the most pitiful braying out in the pasture. I go out there and poor Archie is calling for Tally. Tears streaming down his cheeks. Tally went to the rodeo without
Joey: Meet & Greet
6/1/2018 - Joey has been at TIER for 1 month & 25 days.  He is gaining weight slowly (which is what we want). We let him out to roam around, meet and greet some of the TIER residents.  Kane (L) and Zeke (R) seem to think he is a nice guy.  There was no striking, screaming, grunting or posturing when they met face to ...
Prince William: The Prince arrives & an alliance is formed!
5/30/2018 -

TNT  in a Heartbeat is a collaborative effort between TRUE INNOCENTS EQUINE RESCUE  (TIER) and TRINITY THERAPEUTIC RIDING CENTER (TTRC) to enrich the lives of rescued horses (mentally, spiritually, socially and physically), and nourish the physical, mental and emotional health of specific ...
Mariah: Tooth Fairy Came by...I'm Good!
5/24/2018 - She is 32 years old and not a whole lot of dentistry to be done.  But, Joe & Martine did what they could for her to help her keep her girlish figure and continue to be able to process her hay and soaked pellets/senior.  Such a LOVELY little mare she is! She looks pretty good for her age too!  Of course...she ...
Melvin Black Jack: Tooth Fairy Came by...I'm Good!
5/24/2018 - Melvin is a little on the older side and his teeth are pretty worn down.  Joe Yasinosky & Martine did what they could for him so that he can chew his feed real good and hold weight.
Our friend Jenifer came over to watch, learn and offer support.  Melvin was lightly sedated, but he got really looped on the ...
Joey: ACK! The Toothfairy came!
5/24/2018 - Joe Yasinosky and Martine helped Joey to be able to chew his food more efficiently and process it better. He did have one large point on the upper right side and several hooks.  Thankfully no mouth ulcers.  Joey was a good boy (the light sedation made it easier for him and for the
Rio: Tooth Fairy Showed Up-Holy Guacamole!
5/24/2018 - Sweet Rio has been with us over 19 years!  If you look closely at his front legs in these pictures, you can see the scars from when he was used for horse tripping just before we rescued him. After all these years, Rio still gets amped up when "strangers" (vet, farrier, dentist) handle him.  He was lightly sedated and ...
Archie the Donk: Foster Bliss!
5/14/2018 - Archie seems to be pretty happy at Foster Mom Kim's place and with his new friend.
From Kim: My two boyfriends tonight. Lol. Archie whispers to Tally - “I know she’s got carrots. You check the hands, I’ll check the
Archie the Donk: Off to a Foster Home I go!
5/11/2018 - Woo Hoo! Thank you to Kim R. for taking Archie on as a Foster donk. Hopefully he will be an excellent companion for your horse Tally, a good friend to you and your family. He's a pretty easy going guy and very personable. Don't forget to give him a peppermint every once in awhile. But, hide the bag!!
I'm sure he will be ...
5/11/2018 - Levi participated in a Dressage test and it was his first time to town! Progress for the boy in the loving hands of Dana!
He is on the road to becoming a nice horse for someone thanks to Dana. He may have brought home a ribbon, but the lessons continue and so does his progress!
UPDATES-General: Move the Broken Shelter
5/10/2018 - Thank goodness for the kindness of our neighbors! Lewis & Linda brought their tractor over to move the wind damaged shelter out of the corral. The cemented support pole that was laid flat also needed to be dug
Lacey-Belle's Baby: Having A Ball!
UPDATES-General: Loose Horse!
5/8/2018 - Loose Horse! HA! Put Lincoln & Kane in the arena for a day/overnight. They seemed to be enjoying themselves. Zeke, Pirate & Moses were out and about wandering around, but I didn't get pics of Moses & Pirate.
Zeke made a point of visiting with Deacon & Joey. Volunteers Cameron and Nichole were out to do some ...
UPDATES-General: Dust Devil Damage to Shelter
5/8/2018 - The hits just keep on coming sometimes. 1st, tire on manure cart BLEW; 2nd, Gail's dog of 17 yrs named Zelda had to be assisted across the Rainbow Bridge; and now, 3rd, Never underestimate the power of a dust devil!  Whirling wind/dust demolished one of our shelters and ruined a corral panel. Totally bent a cemented ...

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