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Howdy everyone! Thought you might like to hear the latest on some of the rescue horses!
Click on a name on the bar on the left to read that horse's story. The names in White are horses that have homes. The names in Salmon are horses who are residents of TIER and can be sponsored, or are residing at TIER until a suitable adoptive home can be found. TIER's adoptable horses can be sponsored until they find their forever home. Sponsoring or adopting a TIER horse will allow us to rescue another horse.

Newest Updates!

EmmyLou: 3-12-2019 EmmyLou Vet Visit Update
3/13/2019 - Both girls (EmmyLou & Lucille)were seen by the vet today.  Unfortunately, the Lameness Expert had a family emergency and was not there.   EMMYLOU:  Well……..Emmylou had her teeth floated today.  In the mornings, she has a bit of a runny nose out of one nostril which could be related to ...
Lucille: 3-12-2019 Lucille Vet Visit Update
3/13/2019 - Both girls (Lucille & EmmyLou) were seen by the vet today.  Unfortunately, the Lameness Expert had a family emergency and was not there.   LUCILLE:  The ulcer in her eye was examined again and it is healing nicely.  YAY!  She did get some more eye ointment to make sure the healing ...
Lucille: Update
3/8/2019 - (Lucille 3/7/2019) We made the decision to let Lucille stay at the Quarantine facility with EmmyLou so that they could be transported to TIER later this month (March) together.  Although that meant that we would have to pay extra QT Boarding fees, transporting 2 horses gave us a bit of discount which made up the ...
EmmyLou: Update
3/8/2019 - (3/7/2019 EmmyLou) Kathy (QT Manager) had scheduled the appointment for 3/5/2019, but the vet office had her appointment listed as 3/12/2019.  They did work her in, but were not able to do a full evaluation on EmmyLou that day.  Kathy will take them both back to the vet this coming Tuesday, 3/12/2019. Since time was ...
Kauffey: New Friends and No Threads in My Head
3/3/2019 - Notes from Debbie, Kauffey's Mom: Awwww.  My trusting boy.   Love this Kauffey man!   Walked out in pasture and removed halter, no worries.  Just took it all in stride!!!!! He is loving and trusting.  Follows me everywhere!  Thank you for this magnificent boy!
They ...
In the Nick of Time: A Gate to Heaven was opened
3/2/2019 - I just have no words that can adequately describe what a GIFT Nick was. I hate typing the word was. Nick was an ambassador for rescue horses and his breed, the American Saddlebred. What he so willingly gave to those that knew him is so much more than I can express. What I felt when I was with him was an internal smile with an ...
EmmyLou: Out of the Kill Pens and Safe at QT
2/28/2019 - Thankfully, the roads were clear and EmmyLou was able to be picked up today.  She has arrived safely at the Quarantine facility. She loaded and unloaded well.  She is a big girl and she knows it!!  EmmyLou is tucked into her stall with a run in and happily munching hay.  She traveled well and did not seem ...
EmmyLou: I have a name!
2/27/2019 - We've named her EmmyLou.  Goal to get her out and transport to CA, plus veterinary care, and Health Certificate later on is:  1900.   Seems she has a sore knee.  It is soft, so that means we can work with it (I hope).  She also has a snotty nose which will need vet evaluation.   Her ...
Kauffey: I have new FRIENDS!
2/27/2019 - Kauffey is settling in well in his new forever home.  The area above his eye that was treated by the vet is healing well.  Debbie is slowly introducing him to members of her "herd".  His first hookup was with Shasta, a lovely Clydesdale mare.  Next to her, Kauffey looks like a pony! Shasta does a good job ...
Lucille: It's only been 7 days/1 week!
2/24/2019 - Lucille was in rough shape when she arrived at the 2nd Quaratine Facility.  BUT...because of Kathy Lakes/Starburst Ranch diligence, attention to detail, exceptional care & love, look how much this lovely mare has improved in only 1 week! Kathy took her to the vet to have her teeth floated last week and a very basic ...
Lucille: Teeth Done & Tear Ducts Flushed!
2/19/2019 - Thanks to donors, we no longer need to raise immediate funds for Lucille!  YOU DID IT!  Thanks to Pam E. for donating the full 470.00 needed to meet our original goal.  Just in time, because dental costs were a bit more than expected and the farrier should be out soon.

She was a very good girl for the ...
Lucille: My, My, My!
2/17/2019 - The lovely palomino known as Grady arrived at QT2 (2nd Quarantine Facility) mid afternoon.  Unloaded fine, calm and walked easily to the freshly prepared stall/run.  The QT manager double checked the Coggins to make sure it was the right one and noticed that the age listed was 21 and under "sex" was an F.  ...
Kauffey: Kauffey Finds his Forever Home!
2/15/2019 - Whew!  Talk about at the last hour!  Literally!  Kauffey boarded transport to come to California on Valentine's Day morning.  Right after he loaded, he bumped his wounded eye.  The transporter cleaned and medicated it when they laid over that night, but he appears to have rubbed it. While Kauffey was ...
Kauffey: Update-I have a headache
2/15/2019 - Debbie had ad the vet out for his eye because she was concerned at the amount of swelling and it was leaking blood/serum down his face.  He must have bumped it a bunch during the haul.

He was sedated, and was very good for the vet.  His eye got cleaned and stitched.  Lots of clotting and it was ...
Kauffey: Watch where you are going Kauffey!
2/12/2019 - OUCH!
Kauffey had been doing very well in quarantine.  His sniffles/snotty nose resolved before he was finished with his 1 week doses of Uniprim.  Yay!  But, as you all know, horses will be horses. Kauffey managed to bang his head just over the top of his left eye.  Created a skin flap and when the QT ...
Lucille: Mother Nature frustrates our efforts!
2/9/2019 - It started with an email and then escalated to telephone calls.  ‘I can provide funds to pay bail on 2 horses in the “ship pen” at a feedlot in Texas.  Pics/videos attached. Can TIER take the older one if I pay transport to Quarantine and part of the Quarantine fees?”
You know how it goes ...
Kauffey: Kauffey made it out!
1/30/2019 - We were able to find transport for Kauffey from the feedlot to a wonderful QT facility where he will remain for 2 weeks at least for Quarantine.  He did arrive with a bit of a snotty nose, so we authorized the QT facility to use Uniprim (antibiotic) to combat what might be the beginning of an upper respiratory ...
Riley: Baba's Story
1/27/2019 - He had colic. It was very sudden. He was a little off in the morning but I thought maybe the Santa Ana winds had spooked him. He didn’t mug me for his grain, but he took a carrot, didn’t seem that out of the ordinary. I came back down in the afternoon to check on him and he was not himself. He was standing under a ...
Riley: RILEY-Baba Ruhl Pedigree
1/26/2019 -
Riley: Riley has crossed the Rainbow Bridge
1/25/2019 - My name is Brandon and for the past 16 years I’ve been the proud owner of one of your alumni, Riley (née Baba Ruhl) (  Regrettably, just a month and change short of his 26th birthday, Baba left us. He was happy and healthy, and dearly loved, until the day he colicked and ...

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