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Be kind to the animals for they are the True Innocents!

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Sponsoring is the support which allows us to maintain the horses who are permanent residents of our sanctuary, or horses that are under TIER's care while they are recovering and being rehabilitated and waiting to find their foverever home with a new owner!. Any of the horses at TIER may be sponsored for $150.00 a month, or you can share the cost with others by co-sponsoring a horse. If you do not live in the area, we can provide you with quarterly updates and a picture of the horse you wish to sponsor. Sponsorship helps us to properly care for these wonderful animals. It assists us in purchasing nutrious hay, grain, pellets for our older friends, medicine if needed, vitamins, hoof care, veterinary care, wormers, vaccinations, etc. Sponsorship is a great outlet for you to put your arms around an animal that really needs you.

If you would like to sponsor one of our horses you can select the horse you want to sponsor and send us a check or use PayPal indicating who you have selected. We will send you a picture of your horse and a current update/history. You are also welcome to visit, by appointment, and bring your horse treats, brush them, etc.

Visit our Adoption & Sponsorship page to see who needs a sponsor!

To make an appointment to visit, please call 951-360-1464. --------- Thank you for your support!

To inquire about Sponsoring a TIER resident, email (Be sure to put Sponsor and the horse's name in the subject.).



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