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TIER was made aware that this lovely young stallion was on his way to the auctions where he would be a prime candidate for "cowboys" that purchase this type of horse to make them dance, etc. Why? Because he is BIG, because of his color and because he WAS a stallion at the time. So, he was purchased BEFORE he went through the auction.

He is slightly clubbed on the left fore. Shak is such a gregarious guy and LOVES attention! He now has his own person where he will get all the attention he deserves and has found his forever home in this ever changing world.



6/24/2016 - Shak has crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Shak has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  He had colon displacement and was very painful for a few hours. Thank God we Cindy and her husband were there and caught it so he did not suffer long.

Shak was such a people horse!  A real Goober that brought a smile to your face everytime.  Thanks to Cindy H. for giving him the best home ever, taking such good care of him and loving him.

9/18/2010 - 9-2010 Dressage potential - evaluation comments:

We asked for a local Dressage instructor to evaluate Shak&ampamprsquos potential for dressage. Here are the comments regarding Shak's evaluation ride.

He had excellent suspension which would be great for dressage and could be an excellent dressage prospect for training level as well as first level. He also points his toes and is light on his feet which also may be a good reason to suggest that he would make a good mount for hunter under saddle and equitation (no jumping, just flat classes).

He is very soft in the mouth and although just recently started, can submit to some collection at the walk. Although he is still green and learning to respond to the riders ques and aids, he is very willing and likes to please. I suggest he require at least an intermediate rider simply because he is green and needs someone who knows what they are doing enough to build his skills and in positive and correct ways.

Shak is available for adoption. To make an appointment to meet Shak for possible adoption, contact Cindy at: 951-789-9225 where Shak is currently being fostered. He will continue to be worked in Dressage by Cindy.

9/4/2010 - Shak is Back!

Life throws you curves. Unfortunately for Shak, he has had more than his share.

He was returned to TIER by his first adopter due to divorce. His second adopter, Sharon, stated that Shak was the absolute love of her life and they spent many hours in training and just being togehter. Sadly, Sharon succomed to cancer and Shak was again returned to TIER where he was adopted out once more.

Once again life threw a curve and his present adopter had to return him to TIER due to divorce and the economy.

Poor Guy! Shak is such a gregarious guy and loves attention. He enjoys having a job to do and would be suited to some low level dressage work. He really needs his own person where he will get all the attention he deserves and find a place in this ever changing world.

Shak is available for adoption. To make an appointment to meet Shak for possible adoption, contact Cindy at: 951-789-9225 where Shak is currently being fostered.

7/20/2010 - UPDATE

Update from Cindy:

I just spent the most wonderful 2 hours with Deserie and Shak.  She saddled him up and round-penned him than asked me if I would ride him first .  I did and he was wonderful.  Just walk, trot today. 

Deserie rode him at the walk for about 45 minutes.  She did really good.  I wish I had my camera to get a picture of her riding him.  She gave him a nice bath after we were all done.  Shak had a wonderful day with his mom and Aunt Cindy.


Shak is doing great, I was sick for 2 weeks, and with christmas I haven't spent allot of timed with him, and we are starting up our training again in January, I look forward to many great times with Shak, and I can't wait till I can ride him on the trail.  I hope you have a great holiday!

p.s. here's a couple of pictures

11/13/2009 - Shak has been adopted!

Shak (aka Shak man) began training on August 15, 2008. As of November 4, 2008, he has about 16 rides on him of which about 6 have been out on trail. He loves to work, he tries so hard to please and he is very, very smart. He picks things up really fast. He is a pleasure to work with and oh what a beautiful horse. He works in a hackamore or a snaffle bit. He&rsquos easy to saddle. You can crawl all over him like a Jungle Gym and he&rsquoll just look at you as if to say, what are you doing now? He is sweet, kind and very willing. He loves his job and gets attached to the people who care for him. Shak loves attention. He will walk away from his food to come say hi to any passer-by. He likes to be groomed and has two very distinctive itchy spots that guarantee stretch-necked, parrot lip curls every time. He is a character. This horse has so much personality and he is so so sweet. He is very playful (and very entertaining when he plays) and gets along well with other horses. He is 17 hands of pure teddy bear. He is going to make a great horse to some very lucky person. You can not help but fall in love with this horse.


The passing of Shak's adoptive mom after a long battle with cancer left a void in the lives of those who knew her. Time was needed for grieving and major decisions were put on hold until Sharon&rsquos husband was able to make choices regarding Shak. During this adjustment time, Shak was sent to TIER&rsquos long time friend Cindy H. of Henderson Ranch for boarding and care. Shak had previously been boarded at this facility while Sharon&rsquos property was being prepared for Shak&rsquos arrival. Eventually, Sharon's husband made the decision to return Shak to TIER as he was not a horseman and wanted Shak to find a loving home. Cindy volunteered to foster Shak, begin his training and screen potential adopters. This was a win/win situation for all as Cindy had fostered for TIER before with happy results. (


At 9:30a on December 17, 2006, Sharon Kay Ludeman left this world to be home with her Heavenly Father, just as He promised.

The Ludeman family would like to thank all of you for your love and support during Sharon&rsquos battle with cancer.

Sharon clung to the verse Psalms 118:17 &ldquoI will not die but live, and will proclaim what the Lord has done.&rdquo

John 3:16 says &ldquoFor God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.

Although Sharon is no longer with us on earth, and will surely be missed, Sharon has not perished, and has begun her everlasting life.

If you haven&rsquot already, we would like you to consider your own relationship with Christ. Sharon&rsquos faith is available to anyone, as Christ stands at the door and knocks. Is it time for you to answer?

Memorial Services
Memorial Services will be held at Harvest on Thursday December 21 in Riverside California.

There will also be a secondary service in Athena, Oregon on Wednesday December 27 at the First Christian Church that was built by her great grandfather, and also the location where she and Clint were married.

Times will be determined shortly.


Shak's adoptor found herself in a life changing situation. Although it broke her heart, she felt she must return Shak to TIER so that he might be able to find another loving adoptor.

Enter Sharon. Sharon had loved Shak before he was adopted out. She very much wanted to adopt him, but her property was not set up for horses and she would have to discuss the idea with her husband, but Shak had been adopted before she talked to her husband.

Shak was returned to TIER the latter part of 2004. TIER immediately contacted Sharon only to find out that she had been diagnosed with a life threatening disease and would soon undergo long term treatment. Despite this, Sharon came out several times a week to help out at TIER and to spend time with Shak before her treatment began.

Seeing the light in Sharon's eyes, the joy in her step, the smile on her face when she was with Shak was a glorious sight. TIER quietly made the decision to not announce Shak's availability for adoption as we felt that Sharon would need to draw on his strength and love in the coming
months as she underwent treatment. As silly as it may seem to some, we felt that Shak's return at that particular time was no coincidence. Shak & Sharon needed each other.

Sharon discussed adopting Shak with her husband and plans were made to begin work on making their property suitable for horses once her treatment had been completed. During her treatment, Sharon continued to come to TIER to spend time with Shak. Some days it was feeding carrots and brushing a bit, some days it was sitting and watching him kick up his heels in the arena, and some days it was playing with him in the round pen.

Sharon's treatment was completed and construction is starting on her property. TIER suggested that Sharon & Shak spend a couple months with a trainer while her property was being revamped. Sharon contacted our friend Harry Taylor and arrangements were made for Sharon & Shak to learn together under his guidance for a couple months.

We are delighted to announce that on 3/18/05 I had the opportunity to whisper into Shak's ear...... You are going home!

Harry came to TIER to pick Shak up for his schooling. Shak was little hesitant to load in the trailer, but as usual, Harry was patient and continued to ask him to climb aboard. After one last look around, Shak walked into the trailer and headed out.

We wish Sharon & Shak much joy in their journey together! It really seems that this is one of those partnerships that was meant to be. We feel very fortunate to have been able to be a part of this story and look forward to updates about these two special beings!!

5/10/2003 are some new pics of the guy. It was hard to get any really good ones of his whole bod because he kept following me around and wouldn't let me get far away enough to get a decent shot!!! But I got a couple of really good portraits.
You'll see how nice and black he is now that his winter coat has shed out and how long his mane is getting. I pulled it when I first got him home just to even it out but now that it's all pretty much one length, I'm letting it grow (much to my trainers consternation. But then, she's British and rides the jumpers so what could I expect? She tells me she's going to call him 'hippy boy'! )
Anyway, as you'll see he's beginning to fill out a bit but the photos don't do any justice to his'll have to see that for yourself when you're down here.
I'm sure I've told you this a million times already but he really is the SWEETEST boy! And no dummy either!

5/2/2003 - Gus is doing GREAT!

I love him more every day, if that's possible, and he continues to amaze me! He is one smart guy!!! But you've always known that! :) Even the trainer I work for says he's no dummy, not by a long shot!
And now that spring is here he's shedding his winter coat and I have a black horse again...he's not going bay, it was just his faded winter coat after all....
He's had shoes on his front feet for a couple of weeks now and is doing great...he stood like a pro for the farrier. I was reluctant to put shoes on him at all but because most of the arenas here are so hard, the trails so rocky and for the maintenance of the club foot, I am trying shoes on just the front to see how it goes. So far, so good.
He has an appointment with his vet next Wednesday to get his teeth floated an his wolf teeth (he has 2) pulled.
Anyway, he continues to be an absolute joy and brings a smile to my face every single day...I am so thankful that he is in my life!


So much has changed in my life in the past two months I hardly know where to start! I guess I can start with my name, which is Gus. I was called something else before but my new friend Jamie likes to call me Gus so I let her.

First, Jamie took me to a very small, quiet stable. She would come every day and brush me and take me for walks. We would also play together in the small arena. After a while, I began to realize that she wasn't really playing with me but teaching me things! I didn't care if she was playing or teaching, I just loved the attention so I did what she asked. She taught me to walk with her on a lead rope, stopping when she stopped, turning when she turned and, of course, walking when she walked. She also taught me to stand tied to something even if she went away. The first time she tried to teach me this I tried to follow her and the post that I was tied to came out of the ground! It didn't hurt me but it was kind of scary so now I never try to follow her. I just wait patiently and she always comes back.

Next, Jamie taught me some words! I learned that when she says, "walk on" she wants me to move forward, when she says "trot" she wants me to go a little faster and when she says "halt" she wants me to stop moving altogether. We would play the word game in the arena moving at different speeds then stopping and starting again for hours. I don't care what Jamie thinks this feels like playing to me!

Then, about a month ago, Jamie moved me to a much larger stable. At first, I was a little nervous because it is so big with so much going on and so many new horses. However, Jamie would still come every day and take me for walks all around so I got to feel more comfortable. Now it's exciting! I have many new friends and there is so much more to do at this new place! And Jamie keeps teaching me things! She taught me a new word, "canter." I like this word. It means I get to go fast, and boy do I LOVE to go fast! Usually we go in the round pen to play the word game where I get to "canter." I almost always do as she asks but sometimes when I'm in "canter," I love it so much that I don't want to slow down. Jamie is patient and lets me go fast but what I've found is that when I am ready to slow down she makes me keep going! I don't always like that but then when she asks me again to slow down, I do it. Sometimes instead of playing the word game in the round pen, we play it in the big arena and Jamie puts me on the lunge line. I do NOT like the lunge line but we don't play that way very often, thank goodness!
My favorite thing to do at my new stable is RUN! Every day before we play the word game Jamie takes me to the really big arena, takes off my halter, and just lets me run! I run so fast I bet I could beat every other horse at the stable! I put my ears forward, my tail up (Jamie loves it when I do that!) and just GO. Sometimes I get Jamie to chase me and that's pretty fun too.

Before I came to this new stable I was very afraid of water. I got scared every time I even saw a hose! But do you know the most amazing thing? I have learned that water feels GOOD! Now, when Jamie puts me in the crossties to give me a bath I'm not afraid! I let her put the hose and water all over me and I just stand there enjoying it, especially on hot days. I still don't like puddles though and try to leap over even the small ones. Jamie says we're going to work on that.

Apparently, something else is changing too! I heard Jamie talking to her friend at the stable about it. I am changing color! The patches on my body that Jamie thought were sun-fade are spreading, which is weird because my stall is completely shaded. She thinks I am going to be "bay." A dark, dark chocolate bay, she says. She told her friend that you could really tell in the sunlight, especially if you look at my legs. She says that from the knee down I am still black, as is my mane and tail, but that the rest of me is changing to a very, very dark brown. I never knew I could change color! Then I heard Jamie tell her friend that she doesn't care what color I am, that she just loves me, however I may be!

Come to think of it, I have a lot of fun with Jamie. It helps that she always scratches my favorite places, the ones I can never reach myself, and gives me a yummy bran mash every day and plays all those games with me. So I repay her by always nickering every time I see her, lifting my feet for her whenever she asks and nudging her a lot. She is by far my favorite new friend! I can't wait until I see her tomorrow so we can play some more of our games!

11/11/2002 - Look at Gus!!

A good friend and trainer (Harry) had come to TIER to assist us in teaching Mouse to tie. While he was here, Jamie asked Harry to work with Gus. Gus ate up the attention and proved that he is a level headed boy and does not hold grudges about his treatment prior to arrival at TIER! We are so proud of him!


Shak, now known as Gus came to us the end of last year as an appx. 18 month old Black TB stallion. He had been through some very rough times, was thin, nervous/frightened and had marks on his head, withers and back. He was terribly head shy and it was quite difficult to approach him without him being frightened. His protective bubble was very large.

Soon after his arrival he was gelded. Due to the fact that we could not get a water hose anywhere near him without him becoming so frantic that he would injure himself to escape, Shak-Gus was gelded in the roundpen and exercised many times during the days that followed. While exercising him in the roundpen, we began basic roundpen training--asking him to move off with body pressure, asking him to come in by using the kiss sound, etc. Shak-Gus took to the exercise lessons like a Champ!!

Shak-Gus quickly got over his fear. He is a very smart boy! Given the chance, Shak-Gus's true nature came out. Not only is he smart, but he is a calm, quiet thinker. He picks up on his schooling lessons quickly and enjoys the work!

This handsome BIG boy has been adopted by a very lovely lady named Jamie!!! Jamie has just returned from Ireland where she was doing work with Irish Draft horses. She immediately fell in love with Shak (and he with her). Jamie has renamed him Gus. Congratulations Gus and Jamie! We will be looking forward to stories and pictures about the progress you two make together!!


This is Shak! We call him Shak because he is so big and towers over the PMU babies. He is approximately 15 (or more hands) close to 16 hands already and he is only going on 2 yrs. old. I was told he was 18 months old and the vet thinks that is pretty accurate.

I was made aware that this lovely young stallion was on his way to the auctions where he would be a prime candidate for "cowboys" that purchase this type of horse to make them dance, etc. Why? Because he is BIG, because of his color and because he is a stallion. So, I purchased him BEFORE he went through the auction.

Shak is a Thoroughbred baby. He is slightly clubbed on the left fore. The club is not bad at all and both the farrier & vet agree it is not a problem. He is also somewhat back at the knee on the left fore and would therefore not be suited to dressage, jumping, etc. But.......he would make a wonderful trail horse!

Just think, once he is trained for riding, you could climb up on his back and see for miles!!!! HA!

Shak will be gelded on 12/4/01. After he has recovered from his surgery he will be looking for a new home! Please contact us if you are interested in adopting Shak.


1st time Dressage lesson/evaluation
Shak is Back!
11/13/2002 - Pilgrim & Shak
Shak shortly after arrival at TIER

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