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Below are the horses currently under TIER's care. Several are currently available for adoption or sponsorship. Visit our Adopt a Horse page for more information on our adoption requirements. Visit our Sponsor a Horse page for more information on how you can help.

Sunny (The Golden Girl):
Sunny was rescued as a stray by the Inland Valley Humane Society & S.P.C.A on 11/23/2011. There is no background information on this poor mare. She is approximately 15 years old and looks to be a Quarter Horse.

Trainer Evaluation:
She has a good mind and is very willing. She is not for a beginner since she is green under saddle. She is a kind horse and loves attention and pampering. She has an old injury on her left hind leg, so would not be a good choice for extreme riding. She is sound for average trail riding and loves to get out on the trail. Sunny is very smooth at negotiating hills, and rough terrain. She needs to be ridden in a bosal. She does not work in a bit or a mechanical hackamore. Sunny is quiet when being handled on the ground or when ridden on the streets or trails. She ties, loads, trailers, and bathes. She is good with her feet. She can be ridden by different people and responds well.

Sunny is available for Adoption or Sponsorship.

WDF Elstons Seabreeze (We are calling her Breezy) arrived in the late afternoon.  The Riverside County Horse Coalition had been contacted about Breezy on 6/7/2012.  After viewing the pictures and hearing the owner's plea for help, Volunteers Mel (leading Breezy) and Cindy H. of Hendeson Ranch picked this poor mare up and brought her to TIER.

Trainer Evaluation:
Very high strung. For an advanced, confident rider only. She would be a great one person horse, if the human and her connect. She gets very attached to her human. She requires a confident rider/handler. She does not tolerate anyone with a strong hand. She responds well to praise, consistency, and gentle, confident treatment. She is very athletic. She loves to have a job. She loves to go over small jumps and obstacles. She has a great mouth and needs a soft snaffle bit. She has a sensitive girth area, I found that an Alpaca girth works well for her. She prefers a neoprene saddle pad. She requires soft, smooth handling when saddling and bridling. She has been ridden western and english. She is more of an english horse, than a western horse. She ties, loads, trailers, and bathes. She is great with her front feet, you need to be aware when working with her hinds. She stands for the farrier. She would love to be someones only horse and to be ridden/pampered every day. She is better under saddle in an enclosed area, rather than out on trail, however, with the right human, she could be developed into an awesome trail horse.

Breezy is available for Adoption or Sponsorship.

Shak is a 10 yr old Thoroughbred gelding. He is slightly clubbed on the left fore. The club is not bad at all and both the farrier & vet agree it is not a problem. He is also somewhat back at the knee on the left fore and would therefore not be suited to jumping, etc. Shak is such a gregarious guy and LOVES attention! He enjoys having a job to do and would be suited to some low level dressage work. He really needs his own person where he will get all the attention he deserves and find a place in this ever changing world.

Shak is available for adoption. To make an appointment to meet Shak for possible adoption, contact Cindy at: 951-789-9225 where Shak is currently being fostered.

Shak is available for Adoption or Sponsorship.

Gemma: ADOPTED!! PMU baby (now all grown up!) - Solid Chestnut filly, QH cross?

Gemini is now approx. 15 hands, about 1100 lbs. Due to life changes, she has been returned to TIER to find the perfect new home.

PF Baxter: 20+ yr. old Arabian Gelding. Bay. Appx. 14.2 hands. (Papers Unavailable).

Baxter was purchased when he was 6 months old and has had only one owner. He is halter broke only.

Baxter needs that special someone with lots of patience and understanding. He really gets attached to mares, but does not mix well with geldings. He had not been with other horses from the time he was six months old until he was about 17 yrs. old and his "horse sense" is lacking. He would require someone with experience in handling extremely nervous/unsure horses.

Baxter is available for Adoption or Sponsorship.

Garrett: Bay TB Gelding - 16.2 hands.
Registered name: Post A Note Sire: Avenue of Flags

Garrett came to us with a severely injured hock that has healed well. At this time, it is not known whether or not he would be sound for trail riding as we are not qualified to judge. We are seeking someone with experience in these types of injuries to work with him.

Garrett is available for Sponsorship.

Moses: Bay TB gelding, 16 ½ hands, pin-fired in both forelegs, rescued Nov 98.

Moses has taken a lot of patience to get where he is today. He would need an experienced owner and will need lots of patience and commitment.

Moses loves to work! He is quite intelligent and has an active mind that when he gets bored, he gets forceful. A stoic horse with the look of eagles and the personality of a viper! He deserves a chance as we all do.

For Adoption as a Companion Only. Due to Moses' long, hard career on the track, his ankles are broke down. Moses has good days & bad days, be he will never be sound for riding. Although he would love to be working and has the heart to do it in spite of pain, physically, he cannot.

Moses is available for Sponsorship.

Pilgrim: Pilgrim has a spinal deformity which is an "S" curve of the spine and also an upward curve. Due to this deformity, he wil never be rideable and would only go to an approved home as a companion horse.

Pilgrim is available for Sponsorship.

Rocket/Big Red: Our vet feels Red is probably 15-17 years of age. He knows how to park out, he's kind, intelligent and very willing. He drops his head willingly for the halter and is careful to not step on you. He doesn't bear any grudges to humans for any treatment over the years. He is sensitive.

Somewhere, he got impaled and has a huge divot where his neck connects to his shoulder. He is very insecure because he doesn't know what you want him to do. Thus, he exhibits some high strung behaviors, however, they are nothing that can't be dealt with easily with kindness and consistency.

Rocket/Big Red is available for Sponsorship.

Skyline Jet: ADOPTED!! 1996 APHA Sorrell Frame Overo Mare, halter broke, exposed to APHA Tobiano stallion Laredo Banjo for 2005 foal.

A wonderful lady has arranged to take in several PMU mares from Canada and has asked TIER to help find her a home. This lady reached out to get this mare out of harm’s way - Thank You!

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