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11/19/2010 Jubal - Animal Cruelty

Jubal and his companion, a 3 yr. old mare, were seized from his owner by Madera County Animal Shelter/Kirsten Gross-Director, due to starvation/neglect. His owner was charged with and convicted of Animal Cruelty.

Because of various delays, the court case took over 2 1/2 years. Once Madera County Animal Shelter was given legal ownership of Jubal they began to network to find him a home.

Palomino QH, Appx. 14.3 hands 10-12 yrs. old


4/14/2019 - I met my VERY OWN BOY today!

JUBAL has met his boy!  We are absolutely delighted that former TIER resident Jubal has a home AND a boy.  Looks like he kinda likes having his very own boy!

4/11/2019 - Home at Last!

Jubal is HOME at last!  Look at all the room he has and the beautiful views of the surrounding area.  Awesome.  We will share pictures of this lovely boy with his very own boy once we receive them.  

WAIT!  Whos is that to the left of Jubal?  Oh My!  It is  KANE, his buddy for the past few years at TIER.  Kane too is HOME AT LAST!

4/8/2019 - I'm Goin Home!!

Sometimes Quickly.  Sometimes Slowly. Tomorrow, our lovely Jubal will be going to his very own home!!  We will of course miss him terribly, (and so will his buddy Kane) but we are overjoyed that he will have a home where he is loved, cared for and possibly his very own little boy.  Happy Trails dear most certainly deserve this and so much more!

1/30/2018 - Winter?

Jubal doesn't seem to worry about Winter here in California.  He manages to stay pretty plump all year long!

5/17/2015 - I love it when volunteers visit

Jubal loves it when the volunteers pay him special attention.  Thanks Bobbie and ladies!

2/11/2014 - First Day at Training

First day training with Wayne Robison. Jubal had been at Madera County Animal Shelter for 3 yrs. waiting for the outcome of the court case. He came to TIER in January and we were not sure what training he might have had in the past. Wayne will be working with Jubal so that he will be ready for someone to adopt him. Anyone interested in Jubal, please contact us. He needs someone with experience to give him his forever home!

First time mount.  No problem.

Class is over!

1/20/2014 - 1st Chiropractic treatment

Since Jubal most likely has never seen a chiropractor, we asked Dr. Moore to see if he was in need of adjustment.  Jubal recently had his teeth floated (they were'nt in the best condition!).  Dr. Moore said Jubal was not in need of any major adjustments, just a little tuning up.  Yay!

You can see that Jubal is not the tallest horse around, but then again, Dr. Moore is not a pip squeak!

1/3/2014 - Jubal heads to TIER

ROAD TRIP!  Thanks to Cindy Henderson of Henderson Ranch who agreed to transport Jubal to TIER!  We left at 6:30 am to go pick up Jubal and got home around 7:30 pm.  WHEW!  It was a long day with a good friend and TIER supporter. 

Madera County Animal Services was given legal custody of Jubal, but unfortunately he was a "cryptorchid" and it was difficult to place him. 

Cryptorchidism in the Horse

When one or both testicles (testes) are not descended in the scrotum, the horse is called a rig, ridgling, or cryptorchid. Cryptorchidism is a developmental defect in both animals and humans. It is important in the horse because: the retained testis does not produce fertile sperm but does produce testosterone which gives the stallion its behavioural characteristics cryptorchid testes are more prone to developing tumors compared to descended testes and the cost of castration is increased.

2 months ago the Friends of Madera County group raised the funds for his gelding surgery!  It was still difficult to find him a home and TIER agreed to take him in as he had been at the shelter for a little over 3 years!

BELOW:  Cindy leading Jubal from his pen while Madera County Animal Services Director, Kirsten Gross, tells us more about Jubal.

If funds allow, Jubal will need to go to training  so that he can  be the best he can be and hopefully find his forever home.  Although Jubal is well mannered on the ground and is very friendly toward humans, he has been a stallion for a long time.  He is approximately 11-12 years old, 14.2 to 14.3 hands tall. 

11/19/2010 - 11/19/2010 Jubal - Animal Cruelty

Jubal and his companion, a 3 yr. old mare, were seized from his owner by Madera County Animal Services due to starvation/neglect.  His owner was charged with and convicted of Animal Cruelty.

Jubal's companion did not make it.  At 3 yrs. old the mare died due to complications of long term starvation.  As you can see from the photo below, any feed/hay these horses did get were full of foxtails.  The foxtails were found in the soft tissue of their mouths.  It's a miracle that Jubal survived.

Huge THANKS to Kirsten Gross (pictured below), director of the Madera County Animal Shelter and her staff for their continued investigation into the mistreatment of these horses.  Because of their dedication and hard work, Jubal was able to recover and is now at TIER.


1/4/2013-A little late, but Jubal did get to have a little Xmas celebration thanks to VolunTIERs!

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