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Occasionally, TIER is alerted to horses in dire need of assistance - from abuse, neglect, abandonment, etc.  We will post information about these horses here in hopes of raising funds, rehoming, supplies, transport, and other needs by networking with you to help them.

I am 7 year old Chestnut Thoroughbred Gelding.  My registered name is Boppa Bob.  I have been in the care of Riverside County Animal Control since September 16, 2011 and will be available for adoption after October 1, 2011.

My ancestors include Bold Ruler on my sire’s side and Seattle Slew on my Dam’s side.

From Gail-True Innocents Equine Rescue: (Just my opinion)
I saw this horse 9/22/2011.  He is large boned, appx. and 16+ hands tall.  Injuries to his hind legs (look like wire cuts) that are healing well.  There was some swelling, but that has gone down considerably. 

He is very friendly, personable and…big!  He is in decent weight.  Feet need trimming. 

For more information about this animal, call:
Riverside County Animal Control - Riverside Shelter at (951) 358-7387

Refernce his ID number (A903397) when inquiring about Boppa Bob. (I don’t think Riverside AC is aware of his name.)

Boppa Bob SAFE thanks to California Equine Retirement Foundation (CERF)!

Grace Belcuore of CERF & RCDAS

A plea for help was sent out via members of the newly formed Riverside County Horse Coalition (RCHC) to find Boppa Bob a safe place to land. He had been picked up as a “stray” by the Riverside County Department of Animal Services on September 16, 2011.

RCHC is is a network of equine advocates that address the needs of at-risk, abandoned & neglected horses in the county through community involvement. The Coalition is comprised of non-profit 501c3 equine rescue & sanctuary organizations (California Equine Retirement Foundation-CERF, True Innocents Equine Rescue-TIER & Southern California Thouroughbred Rescue), veterinary practices, and animal humane organizations (Riverside County Department of Animal Services & Inland Valley Humane Society).

CERF answered the plea for assistance for Boppa Bob. They are the first Equine Accreditation in California by Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries and the first Thoroughbred Retirement Facility Accredited in the United States.

For over 25 years, CERF has provided a safe haven for former racing Thoroughbreds who would otherwise face an uncertain future by providing permanent retirement or rehabilitation into other careers.

10/11/2011 CERF representatives arrived at the RCDAS facility to transport Boppa Bob to his new home! THANK YOU CERF, RCDAS and Riverside County Horse Coalition for working together to give this boy home he deserves!

Boppa Bob & RCDAS Officer, Candy

Boppa Bob


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Update 6/1220/11 - This lovely mare is safe and has gone to Red Bucket Equine Rescue in Huntington Beach, CA.  They have named her Tess.  She is doing well and is a favorite at the rescue.

Thank you RBER.  Link to Facebook page for Tess:


2-11-2011 - TIER was made aware of several horses in need that were in bad condition located in Chino, CA from a posting on Craigslist. Abby was a concerned person that contacted the Inland Valley Humane Society & SPCA who sent an officer out to investigate. TIER contacted the officer and indicated we could take in 1 or 2 if IVHS needed our help. The horses are thin, being fed corn husks (!!!!), feet are in awful shape and several are being horribly beat up by the stronger horses. It is bad. Thank you for stepping up to make the public and IVHS aware of the plight of these horses Abby.

After speaking to the officer, she indicated that would be issuing a Notice of Intent to Seize, giving the owner 48 hours to provide veterinarian care to the horses that appear to need care. If he is unable to provide that care then they will be seized and given care by IVHS. They are following the State of Californias Penal Code 597.1.

HUGE Thanks to Kristy M. & Bonnie S. for making two trips to that hellhole. BIG KUDOS to the officer who has worked tirelessly to help get these poor horses to a safe haven. Finally! An AC officer in that area who is Horse Savvy. 4 of the horses have now come to TIER. They are: Edison, Chino, Momma Mavis and her foal Dixie Courage. Info/pictures on our Success Stories page. The Officer in charge of the case is in contact with another rescue to take the remaining horses in need of a safe place to land. Pending reference verification.

5/19/10 - URGENT - TIER was contacted by Riverside Department of Animal Services regarding 2 horses that had been left in the Riverbed and, of course, are starved. We have 2 days to find them a place to go as DAS cannot keep them. If Shecky is able to be saved and TIER is able to raise the funds, we will bring him here. We need to try to find a home for Spin Around.
To Donate to help these horses: Both horses have suffered neglect, malnutrition, dehydration. Their immune systems have been compromised and they are suffering the effects of starvation in that their eyes are weepy/full of mucous, the hair coat is bad, they need dental work, food, farrier work, vitamins, etc.

Dancin Shecky
Spin Around

3-23-10 8:30 pm - I received a call about a 27 yr. old mare who has sores between her thighs below her vagina. The lady that called said there was blood on the stall (from rubbing). When the lady and her sister went to hose off the blood on the mare's back end, the mare whimpered!!! The lady says it looks kind of like ulcers. Sigh....

The lady called TIER because she has no money (husband passed away in December after several months of health problems) and cannot pay for a vet.  She is still grieving about the loss of her husband and trying to make ends meet.

After finding out where she lived, I contacted my friend Cindy from Henderson Ranch because she lives close by. I asked Cindy if she could take some ointments and Bute over which TIER will pay for, check the mare out and take pictures so we know more about what is going on.

Cindy said.......OF COURSE! What a wonderful gal. Cindy will get back to me with an update and I will update everyone.

Please put out some good thoughts for this poor mare. Unfortunately, TIER is not in a position to take in any horses at this time due to funding. Hopefully, we will be able to help this mare via Cindy and also help these two sisters who are feeling the financial crunch like everyone else.

Update 9:30 pm - The mare’s name is Waumpum.  Cindy went over and administered 2 grams of Bute.  Due to their not being any lights where the mare is and only armed with flashlights, she was hesitant to try to clean the mare up.

It looks like this mare’s vulva is involved.  There is an obvious odor.  Could be cancer, could be .........?  The owner cannot afford a vet and we are trying to figure out how we can help.  The mare definitely needs vet care.  Most probably, antibiotics, pain meds, etc. 

We are trying to find a veterinarian in the area that might be willing to examine & treat Waumpum at a reduced rate. 

Update 3/24/10 1:00 pm - Waumpum’s Gift

My friend Cindy contacted neighbors in the area where Waumpum lives to see if anyone knew of a vet that could come out to examine Waumpum at a reduced rate due to the situation.  She also put in a call to her vet.  The neighbors, Clay & Sandy contacted their vet.  Both of the vets contacted offered to help with this mare.  Clay & Sandy’s vet could come out the soonest and she arrived around 1:00 pm to examine Waumpum.  Cindy & Julie had scheduled a ride for the day, but they cancelled it so they could join Sandy & Clay to be there and offer support to the owner and to Waumpum. 

The pretty little Appaloosa mare was sedated for the examination.  Sadly, it was determined that she had Sarcoids on her vulva & a baseball sized tumor growing inside.  The cancer was absorbing all the nutrients that Waumpum was getting from her senior feed and hay and she was starting to lose weight.  It was decided that the kindest thing to do for Waumpum was to assist her across the Rainbow Bridge.

The owner paid the vet what she could afford.  Sandy, Clay & Cindy pooled their funds to pay for the rendering company to pick up Waumpum after she was euthanized.

The owner had lost her husband in December after a considerable time with devastating health issues.  He passed away as he got in the car to go to his dialysis appointment.  Her funds are very limited, and losing Waumpum was another loss.  The neighboring community came together in an effort to assist a horse and a woman in need.  Waumpum’s situation, as unfortunate as it was, brought together people who care.  A community of individuals who reached out.  Waumpum’s final gift to the woman who had had her for 20 years was to bring her new friends who cared.  This woman made an effort to find help and it was there. 

Huge thanks to these people, their heart and their willingness to step up to help.  Thank you.

TIER & Falconridge Equine Rescue are working together to help this mare. We have named her Sugar Bear.

Click here to go to Sugar Bear's page




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