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There are times contributions are received from caring people who wish to give in the name of or on behalf of another. We would very much like to acknowledge this with a heartfelt THANK-YOU. These donations are utilized to help feed and care for the various horses coming and going at True Innocents Equine Rescue. Your generosity is very much appreciated!

8/24/2018 - Donation for Lily's care in Memory of my beloved St. James that I had to put down last week due to complications of laminitis from Angela S.

7/16/2017 - Donation in Memory of Karen Duma from Geralyn S.

11/19/2016 - Donation in Honor of Jennifer Granko's birthday from Miranda C. "This donation is in honor of my godmother, Jennifer Granko's, Birthday. Her love of all animals is so heartwarming. She has many cats, dogs and horses, that require a lot of time and care. Thank you for helping all the animals Jennifer! Happy Birthday, I love you!"

7/30/2016 - Recurring gift every month in honor of my mare, Xena whom I recently lost. She was a beautiful Saddlebred that was rescued herself 16 years ago.
From her savior Ellen W.

7/21/2016 - Donation in Memory of Alys Espy from Alys' family/Ingrid L.
Alys was a loving horse person who went out of her way to help horses in need.

7/15/2014 - Donation in memory of Lou Hansen, who was a horse lover. From Leona B.

6/13/2014 - Donation in Memory of Moma Mavis, a strong hearted mare, wonderful mother/protector, herd boss and lovely example of the Quarter Horse breed. from Diane H.

3/6/2014 - Donation in Memory of Renee, a very special Australian Shepherd from Colleen I.

3/8/2014 - Thinking of Momma Mavis and all the other horses at TIER...donating today in memory of my Mom (born March 8) and my Auntie Mavis (born March 9). Best wishes, Diane H.

2013 Donations in Memory of Helen "Mimi" Dabek, co founder of Thoro Packaging, from: Glenn D., Armand D., Kathleen S., Kaythryn G. Ricardo Q., Tammara A., Suzanne & Dwight F., Scott & Connie M., Barbara & William M., Wayne & Loma M., Milestone Risk Mgmt., Andrew & Rita W., Kim P., Janet P.

7/19/2013 Donation in Memory of Courtney Ann Mulvey from J. Mulvey

11/10/2012 A Wedding Gift in Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Lind's Wedding today: from Tiffany H.

9/22/2012 – Donation in Honor of Jeri Hardcastle: from Deanne G.

9/11/2012 Donation in Memory of Charlie Hyatt: from Meta W

6/5/2012– Donation in Memory of DUNCAN: Thank you for your thoughtfulness Laura T.

Thank you to Gayle K. who contacted Whinny Warmers on behalf of TIER.  As a result of her contact, Whinny Warmers has donated socks for the TIER donkeys (Pablo, Annabelle & Paco) and also the Warmblood size for Zeke!  Check out these amazing socks at:

9/24/11 - Birthday Donations in Honor of Linda D. from: Melanie F. & Justin D.
4/14/11 - Donation for Pablo in memory of Bunny (Chain of Love). Kristi C.
4/8/11 - Donation in memory of Pilgrim II and in honor of Meta who rescued him and loved him for 11 years Mary Jane E., Terry B. & Jennifer P.
2/26/11 - In memory of my dad, whose birthday was today, 2/26. Bill spent many a day at the TB tracks... Maryanne
12/19/10 - Xmas Donation on behalf of Linda D. per her Christmas request from: Melanie F. & Justin D.
12/14/10 - Xmas Donation in the name of Suzy I. from her sister, Sharon A.
12/12/10 - Xmas Donation in honor of ALL the riders & owners at Stone Hollow Sport Horses, Johnstown, PA. Merry Christmas to all of you! Beth T.
11/16/10 - Donation in memory of Manalisa Gayle M.
9/23/10 - Donation in memory of Harlay who was a rescue Morgan horse and best friend of Nancy for many years. He passed this last weekend at the age of 32 Laine C.of Hawk Haven
9/23/10 - Donation in memory of Bob Lewis Kathie D. & Bob R.
9/10/10 - Donation in the name of Sharon L. for her birthday from Julie A. Happy Birthday Sheri!
8/3/10 - Donation in the name of Joanne E. for her birthday from Shelly J. Happy Birthday Joanne!
7/22/10 - Thank you for all you do for the horses and for all you've done for me. In memory of Flying Gold. Suzanne K.
7/17/10 - For Mariah from my old grey Arab mare Ember and her half-Lipizzan daughter Twix. Hugs to all. Lynne G.
5/16/10 - In memory of Indy who I learned aboout from TIER's message board in July 2004. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge 23 March 2010, but brought me 6 years of wonderful memories! Bobbie F.
5/13/10 - Donation in memory of my dear Auntie Mavis, who passed away suddenly last week (5/4/10). She loved animals too, and went out of her way to help them. Diane H.
12/31/09 - Donation in honor of Debbie L & in memory of her horse PRIMO. Janet K.
12/21/09 - Donation for Christmas in honor of  Lisa Kuchera, Chris Lamison, and Terri Sutt-true Animal Lovers! Beth T.
12/21/09 - Donation in Honor of Barbara May who asked that I support equine rescue for her Christmas gift.  Matthew W.
12/2009 - Donation to the Hay Fund in the name of Pam Cook.  Drake M.
11/8/2009 - In honor of the care and love that you gave Honey from a fellow COTHer. - Jennifer S.
10/30/2009 - For your emergency fund in honor of your Dolly and my Dr. Bill. - Christine G.
10/2009 - Donation in Memory of Munchee (maybe you can share some of Munchee’s favorite treats of apples/carrots with the horses there) - Debbie
9/15/09 - Donation in Memory of Patrick Swayze Lenore M.
7/3/09 - Donation in honor of Buck Karen W.
5/29/09 - In memory of Evelyn, a fellow horse lover and Mare Stare devotee, who recently lost her battle with pancreatic cancer. Andrea W.
5/8/09 - In Memory of Lady the beloved mare of a good friend. Lady passed on 4/16/09 at the age of 33 yrs. 11 months.Gayle G.
5/09 - Donation in Memory of Penny Coltrin Corinne D
4/09 - Donation in Memory of TIER's Wanda Coreene & Oliver, of Course!
1/09 - Donation in memory of the Chancho. Rescued and Loved by Jamie
1/09 - For Tori, for you, for all of you, from your friends Coreene and Oliver from the COTH board. xoxo
12/08 - Donation in the ame of J. Rountree from T. Rountree
4/7/07 - In memory of Ruby 1980-2007 A small token in Ruby's name to help other horses. - [Angela S.]
4/6/07 - Alex R. - Big Hugs to Alex for her continued sponsorship of Jake.
4/07 - Bobbi F. - Hugs from Dolly for Bobbi's ongoing sponsorship!
4/07 - On behalf of Rochelle Putnam. - [JW]
3/06 - In memory of my dear Jurallah. - [CD]
2/06 - In memory of Pat Riggs, who loved horses and want to help them all. - [MA]
8/8/05 - Donation in memory of Slim - [CD]
7/2/05 - Donation in memory of Prince & Princessa - [JW]
6/28/05 - Donation in honor of Susie B's horse & friend Brisco - [Doug & Carolynn L.]
3/18/05 - Donation in memory of Vegas - [Chelle]
3/8/05 - Donation in Memory of Sophie - [Stephani W]

12/2/04 - In Memory of Nellie Earle - [Black Horse Run POA]

10/2004 - In honor my friends at Chronicle Of The Horse and specifically an autographed picture of Corinne Dekker's OLIVER!, which I won in an auction for charity. [Fillian F]
10/29/04 - In Memory of Prince & Ollie. [Carol D]
10/8/04 - Donation on behalf of the regular contributors to the equine topics board. They've taught me so much since I purchased my first horse earlier this year. If I had to pay for their words of wisdom I know I would have spent ten times this amount! [Anne C]
10/6/04 - In memory of two wonderful old mules, Jennifer and Katie, who crossed the rainbow bridge last November and January. They were much loved and are very much missed. [Jill W]
10/6/04 - In memory of my first pony [Swissie]
10/6/04 - In memory of Zoe [from AndreaW]
9/2/04 - In Memory of Michael J. Murphy [from Miriam N]
8/04 - In Memory of Courtney Ann Mulvey [from Nicky L]
6/23/04 - In honor of Festus and all the other beautiful souls you save! [from Becky]
5/2004 - In honor of Kathy W. [from Christine F.]
1/24/04 - In Memory of Pearl and in gratitude that you are such a huge part of my life [from Jura and Barbie...and me -CarolD]
11/2003 - In honor of Jake [from AlexR]
9/22/03 - In memory of Sugar from KB Hilltop Stables, who was rescued and loved by Bev [from AndreaW]
9/22/03 - In memory of the beautiful Sharif, rescued by TIER and then loved by Carol [from AndreaW]
1/2/03 - For Grace in memory of Dobbin [from KR]
1/1/03 - In Memory of Dobbin & Glenna the Donkey [from DR]
12/30/02 - In Memory of Dobbin [from CD]
12/22/02 - In Memory of my brother, Doug [from AW]
12/21/02 - Donation in the name of Robert Silver, Sylmar, CA [from EnidB]
12/14/02 - In Honor of Melissa Edding [from IA]
12/12/02 - On behalf of Pamela Hayes, animal rescuer in Sacramento, California. Happy 2003 Dobbin! [from KR]
12/2/02 - In Honor of Melissa Edding [from J&MA]

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