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We'd like to THANK these companies & individuals for their contributions to TIER!

Crash, a member of Boy Scout Troop 760, of Riverside, CA, oversaw a refurbishing and revamping project at TIER as part of his Eagle Scout project.
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Ingrid L. is that special supporter who recently donated 10 bales of beautiful Orchard/Alfalfa hay. In the past she has gone out of her way to provide several bags of King feed for our older/dentally challenged residents. She helped organize our Benefit Ride earlier this year and extended her generosity as we struggled to help Wanda. Thank you Ingrid! We appreciate your dedication and commitment.

Thanks to Sandy C. for her very generous donation of a beautiful custom Endurance saddle & other tack! We are indebted to her for her lovely gifts.  She has also gone the extra mile by putting $$ in our feed account at Mira Loma Feed.  THANK YOU SANDY!! All proceeds from the saddle & tack went directly to help the horses with feed, farrier and vet costs.

Anna & Crystal who took it upon themselves to graciously collect money to help the horses at TIER.  Thank you girls!  We so appreciate all your efforts!

Cindy H.  Foster Mom Extraordinaire!  The passing of Shak’s adoptive mom after a long battle with cancer left a void in the lives of those who knew her.  Cindy volunteered to foster Shak, begin his training and screen potential adopters.  This was a win/win situation for all as Cindy had fostered for TIER before with happy results.

Peggy S.   What can we say that would do her bigheartedness justice?  Peggy allows us to have our Annual Used Tack Sale at her home AFTER she has gone through all the tack, cleaned it up, and priced it (Mucho Worko!!!).  She set up and ran our Ebay auction for desperately needed funds.  She helps out with grooming, bathing, cleaning and friendship.  She is a shoulder to cry on, a friend to laugh with, a calming voice when I need it.  Thanks so much Peggy!

Andie W.  Another wonderful friend to the TIER residents!  Not only does Andie donate funds to aid the horses of TIER, she supplies us with bottles & bottles of Vinegar & Bleach to clean waterers/feeders.  She makes sure that we have a ready supply of Graham Crackers to treat the horses and never forgets to bring treats for the dogs and cats!! HA!  An ally to the horses and the bestest pal!  Someone who is always there for the horses and for me!

Wendi and Colleen of  and all the donors/participants in the “They Are All Winners” photo contest/fundraiser.  Wendi & Colleen set up the contest earlier this year to help several rescues nationwide.  Their efforts and the efforts of the contributors/contestants assisted TIER when we really needed it.  Thank you all!  We are looking forward to your next event!

Coreene from COTH!  Always there when you need her!  Coreene put her wonderful horse Oliver! in the Special Horses Contest as a TIER representative and the fans went wild with voting!!  Coreene has also helped through the years with donations and networking to find homes for horses.  Thanx ever so much Coreene, Willem & Oliver!

Very, very Special Thanks to our webmistress Valerie. This awesome lady has been the driving force in helping hundreds of horses find safe, responsible, loving homes! Without her dedication to horses and her webmaster skills, TIER would not be able to assist these horses in finding just the right home. Because of Valerie and her commitment from the very beginning of TIER. Due to her tireless efforts TIER has made some wonderful friends, assisted some very deserving horses and continue to learn! Why does she do this? It's for the Horses!!! Hats off to Valerie! The best little webmistress around.

Carol D is the talented School Marm who monitors our Message Board. Her computer skills, Iron Fist with a Velvet Glove personality, compassion for the horses and continued support has allowed us a forum in which people from every corner of the globe can help horses everywhere. As the Message Board says Our goal is to help horses at risk of an uncertain fate. Please feel free to call our attention to horses in need of help, or of help which is available. This is not a place to air political agendas, advertise horses for sale, or promote irresponsible horse-ownership in any form. We can learn from each other - pose a question, seek a resource, but always remember it's FOR THE HORSES!


The people & horses of TIER would also like to thank all of the wonderful people who aren't mentioned here who have also contributed their time, money and friendship to TIER. You know who you are. :) We couldn't do it without you!


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