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Adopt a Horse - TIER's Adoption Process

Prior to a horse being adopted from TIER, the following procedures must be followed:

The prospective adopter must call to schedule an appointment to visit our facility and to meet/greet the horse they are interested in adopting. At the time of the appointment the adopter must sign and fully complete a TIER Release Form. The purpose of this appointment is to ensure the safety of both the prospective adopter and the horse, and to allow TIER an opportunity to evaluate compatibility of the horse and adopter.
When visiting the facility, suitable footwear/attire is a must!! Anyone wearing sandals or slip on shoes will not be allowed in the area where the horses reside. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Once the potential adopter is determined capable of working safely with the horse alone, he/she must schedule no less than three more visits to work with the horse. TIER may require, at any time, additional sessions.

Upon completion of the working sessions, if the potential adopter and horse are fully compatible, the adoption questionnaire must be completed and signed, along with the cover letter, and sent to TIER. Applications will not be accepted if the adopter has not been evaluated with the horse or if the prospective adopter was not found suitable for the horse.

It is the goal of True Innocence Equine Rescue (TIER) to attempt to place each horse in the home best suited to it's needs. Horses adopted from TIER cannot be used for breeding, be re-sold or given away. The horse cannot be relocated from the original approved facility without the permission of TIER. In the event that the placement does not work out for any reason, TIER requires that the horse be returned to us. Adopted horses must go to a home that has at least one other horse or horses in close proximity. Horses are herd animals and require companionship of at least one other horse. Horses are quite willing to allow us to be part of their lives and we should not isolate them from who and what they truely are.

Once the application has been received by TIER, TIER or authorized representatives will contact the references listed on the adoption application and then schedule an appointment to inspect the property where the horse will be kept. The property being inspected may be a boarding facility but must be staffed by personnel that are well informed in the care, management and feeding of horses.

Following an acceptable facility inspection and reference check, the application will be evaluated, the information reviewed and a final decision will be made. TIER may approve or deny final adoption. TIER reserves the right to deny adoption for any reason, in its sole discretion, and is not obligated to state any reason. When all requirements are met, and preliminary adoption procedures have been satisfied, TIER will require the following at the time of adoption:

Completion of a permanent adoption contract, with terms and conditions as TIER may, in its sole discretion, determine.

Payment in full of the adoption fee is required at the time of adoption and is non-refundable. Our adoption fees are set by TIER, in its sole discretion. The adoption fee may be paid by cash, PayPal (to include the 5% surcharge) or certified check. Personal checks are not accepted.

TIER reserves the right to conduct follow-up visits with sufficient notification on the adopted horse and the facility at TIER's discretion.

Upon placement of a horse, TIER may require the adopter to submit a health statement from the adopter's veterinarian and farrier. Failure to supply this documentation is considered a breach of the Adoption Agreement. We encourage adopters to have a pre-purchase exam done by a veterinarian of their choice.

No out of state adoptions. Some of the horses available for adoption at TIER are horses that are not rideable, but they are wonderful companion horses. They deserve to live out their days with the grace, dignity and respect they have earned through their years of use/abuse. All the horses available for adoption at TIER deserve that "special someone".

People have choices. Horses do not. It’s for the HORSES!

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