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Grady: Habronema removal
2/20/2020 - Dr. Hoyme removed the habronema from Gradys right eye first as it was the worst. The habronema were in his lower AND upper eyelids. The surgery was long and involved. 5 days later Dr. Hoyme operated on his left eye. Again, he did well, but he rubs his eyes because they itch where the stitches are as he heals. We are putting ...
MAVERIK: Maverik status
2/18/2020 - Maverik, the horse that had been wandering the Santa Ana riverbed for months and released by Animal Control to TIER, is slowly progressing.  Mike took a break to attend a 3 week Ken McNab horse training certification program Wyoming.  He earned Journeyman status. Congratulations MIKE!  Mike is not working on any ...
LILY: No Surgery at this time
2/18/2020 - In the early part of February, we took Lily and Grady to Dr. Hoyme’s to have their habronemas frozen or removed.  Dr. Hoyme felt that Lily’s shoulder area had healed well and that freezing at this time might not be the best.  IF they should reappear (highly likely) during the warmer weather/fly season, we ...
MAVERIK: Progress Notes
1/10/2020 - 12/30/19 Big change in just 10 days as Maverik is no longer running to the other side of the pen when I enter to feed, water and cleanup. I sat with him today for 45 minutes, reading a magazine and sipping coffee. Maverik walked over to his feed bin which was 15-20 feet away from me. He was cautious but ...
Clyde: Clyde arrives at TIER!
1/3/2020 - Clyde arrived yesterday afternoon AFTER he got a spa day from Richard! Ha! Of course, he settled right in. The only hollering that went on was from 34 yr. old Mariah when she first met him. He wasn't upset or too worried and son began eating. He rolled a bit later, but didn't come close to looking muddy and neglected like his ...

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TIER Updates

Weidner Cares Team Braves Burros and Sun in California
The Weidner Cares team came to TIER in May to help revamp and rebuild our facility. They repainted stables, enclosed and fenced off several areas around the ranch to help protect the horses from potential hazards, installed a drip irrigation system, and cleaned out horse stalls, and built a shade structure for the burros. The Weidner Cares group has truly made a difference in lives of the horses currently at TIER, the lives of those that may come to TIER, and the lives of our volunteers and supporters. THANK YOU WEIDNER CARES!
Several TIER Horses relocated to Black Hills Horse Sanctuary in South Dakota and the Duchess Sanctuary in Oregon
SPECIAL THANKS to the ASPCA, The Ark Watch Foundation/Celine Myers for their generous help with relocation costs which helped to transport several TIER horses to Black Hills Horse Sanctuary in South Dakota and the Duchess Sanctuary in Oregon where they will live out the rest of their lives free from neglect and abuse.
True Innocents Equine Rescue in California is Verified by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries
True Innocents Equine Rescue is extremely excited to receive GFAS Verified status! It is critical in these tough economic times to stand out as a rescue dedicated towards helping horses that have become victims of abuse, neglect or abandonment. TIER - True Innocents Equine Rescue has been established in Southern California for well over a decade providing horses a second chance to live a deserving and quality life. GFAS verification will help us to continue our efforts to help horses in need

Local Eagle Scout oversees a refurbishing and revamping project at TIER as part of his Eagle Scout project

Crash, (2nd from right above) a member of Boy Scout Troop 760, of Riverside, CA, oversaw a refurbishing and revamping project at TIER as part of his Eagle Scout project. Crash planned and managed an improvement project, which included removing the dilapidated siding from our Medical Stalls and replacing it with ¾ inch plywood which was then painted with an all weather paint. He also supervised the work of the Boy Scouts and 3 of their Fathers while they reinforced the old plywood on our 2 stall Feed/Tack room, sanded down the metal and painted it all with a Rust Inhibitor paint. They even hauled off all the old material!

Crash says: “Becoming an Eagle is the highest rank possible and a huge honor and that is what we all strive to be.”

Huge thanks to BSA Troop 760, Crash, his father Big John, Lil’ John, Johnny, Danika (Crash’s sister) Clint, Glenn, Charlie, Chad, Travis & Skyler for their extremely professional job of revamping the TIER Feed & Tack Rooms and completely refurbishing our Medical Stalls. We now have fully functional, sturdy and attractive structures. The Medical Stalls are well shaded and will protect ill horses from the elements. Thank you Crash for such a great job!
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TIER Horsin Around

The Horsin Around event was lots of fun! Thanks to DeBarngoddes, Thomas, Mel, Diana, Kristy & Bonnie for all their help for this event. We were especially pleased to see some of our volunteers at the event!

We were able to sell some Used Tack to help raise funds for our next hay purchase. We still have a long way to go - can you help? We are going into winter and really do need more hay & feed funds.

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Dear VolunTIERS!

I cannot think of a more appropriate month to give thanks to each and every one of you for all the amazing work and assistance you have given TIER.  I realize that scheduling a TIER Cleanup day on a Friday was not an ideal day for everyone and to those of you who were able to give us some time to assist with the CleanUp we are truly grateful. We could not have gotten though it all without you! All of you hunkered down and pulled through and your dedication and donation of time certainly did not go unnoticed!  I hardly recognize the place!

Thanks to your tireless efforts water barrels are so much cleaner, the pens are spick and span, corral panels were replaced (this was a Herculean effort- thanks Mark/Julia/Scot!),  and Old Blue (the tractor) is back in service (Scot.....we just can't thank you enough!!).  The arena area was landscaped to include a mountain of manure!!!!  That was some hard work folks!  It is our hope to raise enough funds to have all the manure removed before the rains start.  We are researching the most cost effective way to have this accomplished which appears to be renting a huge container/roll off and putting Old Blue into service to move the mountain!

Heartfelt thanks to Cindy H. for organizing this VolunTIER day.  Cindy not only worked hard at cleaning the corrals, but she also provided the wonderful lunch spread and sodas.  Her Chicken Salad is to die for!  Thanks so much Cindy & Scott.

We are hoping to schedule another VolunTIER day in the near future that will not be so labor intensive!  HA!  We want you to be able to spend a bit more time with horses! 

Once again - Thank You.

On behalf of the horses and myself we wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! 

Every donation helps. Even the smallest amount will make a difference, especially if you can donate on a regular basis. The costs of maintaining TIER's sanctuary - providing food, care, and basic medical services to the horses of TIER are always there. To be able to step in and save a horse in an emergency situation or handle unexpected vet bills, we also need to have a sufficient emergency fund.

My First Horse - by Debbie R.

The world is so much better when you know someone cares. It’s not just TIER that cares, but people across this nation. The hard work put in by the VolunTIERS helps each and every TIER resident. Our generous supporters who not only help by sending much needed monetary donations for feed and care, vet supplies & supplements, also help by getting the word out. Because of you horses have found homes! Because of your caring we are able to help horses that had a not so nice future. We have been blessed with the presence of each TIER resident who continues to teach us about this wonderful animal we call The Horse.

Although there are times when we struggle because the hay fund is low, vet bills are high, dental & farrier care need to be done, wormers need to be ordered, etc., we know that you care about our efforts and the welfare of the horses. Thank you!!

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